QUIZ: How popular are your live-action Hercules cast opinions?

1 May 2020, 19:43

By Katie Louise Smith

The internet loves the idea of Chris Pratt as Hercules – but would you cast him? Or someone else?

Bless our souls, the live-action Hercules movie is finally on a roll at Disney. News that the long-awaited adaptation is finally in the works (with the Russo Brothers producing) hit the internet this week (April 30) and sent everyone on a mad dream casting spree.

From who should play the ~titular role~ Hercules, to everyone's favourite sass queen Megara and the iconic legend himself Hades, everyone has their very strong opinions and preferences over which actors should step into those Grecian robes.

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We've harvested some of the internet's most popular choices for each role... but just how popular are your opinions compared to everyone else's?

Hit play on the quiz below, select your ideal cast based on the choices we've given you and argue amongst yourselves.