QUIZ: Which Outer Banks character are you?

22 April 2020, 17:55 | Updated: 15 June 2020, 20:51

QUIZ: Which Outer Banks character are you?
QUIZ: Which Outer Banks character are you? Picture: Netflix

By Sam Prance

John B? Sarah? Kiara? Pope? JJ? Topper? There is an Outer Banks character inside of all of us.

Outer Banks is quickly becoming one of the most popular shows on Netflix. People can't get enough of the Pogues and their hilarious, heartwarming and occasionally horrifying antics. Treasure hunts? Check. Love triangles? Check. Iconic characters putting arrogant snobs in their place? Check. It's impossible not to be gripped by the adventures of John B and his pals.

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Which Outer Banks character are you though? Are you the John B of your friendship group or more of a Kiara? Are you just like Pope or is JJ your spitting image? Are you a Kook with a heart of gold like Sarah or are you a Kook with no heart at all, well almost, like Topper? There's only one what to know for sure and that's by taking our scientific Outer Banks quiz.