QUIZ: Who Would Be Your Getaway Driver?

5 July 2017, 21:04 | Updated: 5 July 2017, 21:06

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

We asked the same question to Ansel Elgort and his answer will make you scream.

If you haven't seen Baby Driver yet, then you are missing out. We know that phrase is so overused but seriously, if there's one film you HAVE to see this summer, it's the one that involves Ansel Elgort whipping around New York City with Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx in his back seat. 

We spoke to Ansel and his co-star Lily James about the movie and asked them a VERY important question: who would be YOUR celebrity getaway driver? (SPOILER: Ansel's answer is absolutely incredible, hit play on the video above to find out who he chose.)

But enough about that, it's time to find our who YOUR celebrity getaway driver would be. Picture the scenario. You've just robbed a bank with your heist team and the car is waiting outside to whisk you away to your top secret hideout... but who is in the driving seat? Let's find out.



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