QUIZ: Which 'Riverdale' DILF Would You End Up With?

21 October 2018, 22:30

Riverdale Dad Quiz
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"Mr Andrews! Nice haircut, looking extremely DILF-y today."

Forget about Jughead, forget about Archie and actually just forget about any of those annoying teenagers because it's time we started talking about the DILFs of Riverdale. First brought to our attention by Cheryl Blossom, the hot dads of Riverdale have been serving this whole time and we've all been sleeping on them. (Not in that way, get your mind out of the gutter.) So that now begs the question... which DILF should you end up with?

Oh, and by the way, we didn't include Clifford Blossom because - SPOILER - he's dead and he's evil. Anyway, onwards... to the DILFs!