QUIZ: Only a Shrek 2 expert can score 100% on this ultimate quiz

24 March 2020, 18:13

Can you beat this Shrek 2 quiz?
Can you beat this Shrek 2 quiz? Picture: Dreamworks

By Katie Louise Smith

If you don't get all 11 questions right then... you gotta get out of my swamp.

Shrek 2 is one of the best films ever made. Period. But just how well do you remember it?

Your challenge today, if you choose to accept it, is to score 100% on this Shrek 2 quiz - without rewatching the film before hand. Can you remember the specifics of certain locations? The lyrics to the Fairy Godmother's Grammy-deserving hits? The tiny details that make the film so iconic?

11 questions. One quest. Score 100%. Think you can do it?

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