Riverdale made a massive continuity error with Archie in this week's episode

7 December 2018, 20:33 | Updated: 7 December 2018, 20:46

By Katie Louise Smith

Fans have clocked that Archie's stab wound and Gryphons and Gargoyles 'sacrifice' scar were missing in the latest episode of Riverdale.

Between trying to sleuth who the Gargoyle King is, where the game of Gryphons and Gargoyles even came from and why the young girls in town keep suffering from seizures, Riverdale season 3 has had us all on our toes. Not everything seems to be making sense right now, but like, when has it ever? That's the beauty of Riverdale, kids.

Speaking of things that don't make sense, there was a very very important thing missing in this week's episode ('The Man In Black'), and it's all to do with Archie Andrews' spectacular abs.

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If you were paying very close attention to the shirtless scene that took place at that weird ass farm with that weird ass Laurie Lake girl, you'll probably have noticed a massive mistake in regards to Archie's torso... more specifically, his stomach and left hip and what was not there.

Archie Andrews's stab wound and burn mark disappeared in Riverdale's episode 7
Archie Andrews's stab wound and burn mark disappeared in Riverdale's episode 7. Picture: The CW

Archie's body has gone through a lot of shit in the past 7 episodes. In episode one, he got a serpent tattoo inked on his right shoulder, in episode 5 ('The Great Escape'), he was branded by Warden Norton with the Gryphons and Gargoyles symbol for 'sacrifice' and later in the episode, he was stabbed by Joaquin. Not to mention, he was literally in a FIGHT CLUB.

When Archie falls down into the bunker in episode 6 ('Manhunter'), he's completely beat up. Scratches all over him, an infected wound, the G&G burn mark is still raging on his hip. After being patched up, Archie skips town with Jughead after a mere 24 hours.

At the start of episode 7, Jughead narrates that the two of them have only been on the road "for days" but a few hours later, Archie appears shirtless while loading barrels of hay onto a flat bed truck (a whole visual, thank you KJ) and um... there's not a single scratch on his body.

Archie's stab wound and Gryphons and Gargoyles' burn mark has disappeared
Archie's stab wound and Gryphons and Gargoyles' burn mark has disappeared. Picture: The CW

Yep, the stab wound has gone and there's no sign of the brand on his hip. Not even a little scar.

It's not as if it's been weeks, either. And besides, an actual BURNED-IN BRAND on your skin or a whole ass stab wound wouldn't heal itself within a few months, let alone a few weeks - or even a few days, in the case of Riverdale's timeline. Not even a god damn burn from your straighteners manages to disappear in a few days...

Fans are calling out the show for the big ol' continuity error, especially considering the G&G burn will no doubt play into Archie's story further down the line. (He's literally been marked for sacrifice by the game... or are we just forgetting about that now?)

Honestly, given how much attention the show brought to the symbol and the meaning behind it, it's gotta be up there as one of the biggest continuity errors alongside the fact that Hal never had green eyes. (I'll never let that go, alright?)

Will Archie's sacrifice branding ever return from the war? Will his stab wound miraculously reappear and start acting up at the most inconvenient moment? Will this show ever let me have a peaceful night's sleep? Guess we'll find out in the mid-season finale next week.

Episode 8 ('Outbreak') of Riverdale airs on December 12th at 8/7c on The CW.