Fans Are Calling Out "Riverdale" For THAT Problematic Betty Scene

7 December 2017, 21:16 | Updated: 7 December 2017, 21:18

Betty Riverdale
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


Riverdale was back at it again last night. FP finally got out of jail. The truth behind the Riverdale Reaper was sort-of uncovered and there was one scene in particular that made literally EVERYONE feel ridiculously uncomfortable and now, fans are calling them out on it.

There'll be spoilers beyond this point so if you haven't watched it yet... LOOK AWAY NOW!

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Towards the end of the episode, Betty and Jughead organise one last farewell Serpent shindig for FP who has pledged to leave the Southside once and for all and get his life back on track. They take over the Whyte Worm, Betty brings a karaoke machine and Alice, who arrives at the party in her best serpent aesthetic, drinks the bar dry of Tequila. (Side note: Serpent Alice is literally EVERYTHING.)

Anyway, Betty invites Archie and Veronica to the party and they decide to bore everyone senseless with a sad rendition of 'Mad World'. Yeah, literally one of the worst karaoke songs of all time. No offence.

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After bringing down the atmosphere, it all gets too much for them and they storm off the stage while the song is still playing. But have no fear, because in comes Betty to save the day. She hops on the mic to finish the song and at first you're like... "Oh! Lili Reinhart is amazing at singing, this is great... Get her in the Pussycats!" and then it turns into some kind of weird, sad striptease...

Yes, I said striptease.

The CW

Betty peels away her pastel coloured clothes to reveal black lacy underwear. In a bar, on a stage, in front of her boyfriend (who is shook but not in the good way), his dad, HER MUM and about 50 other grown adults - mostly men, too.

And then she starts dancing on a pole. But ummmmm... here's the gag: Betty is sixteen years old. Stripping. In a bar full of men. No one stopped her. And people clapped afterwards. And fans of the show are calling out the writers for the problematic scene.








There's no doubt that the uncomfortable scene was disturbing. Many believe it was meant to make us feel as uncomfortable as Jughead in that moment but the fact that NO ONE attempted to get Betty, who is a minor, off that stage? Not great. Not great at all. And that's where fans think the show missed the mark.

One fan on Reddit had a good point though... How is this any different to the over the top sex scenes on the show (Varchie, anyone?): "How come this isn't okay but a sex scene is? Any sexualization of a minor should be looked down upon. You just don't get to pick what type of sexualization you want your teen characters to be in. You can't say it's okay for Bughead to take off their clothes in a haste to have sex but then say this is bad because she's a minor."

A point well made! What did you think of the scene? Did you feel as uncomfortable as everyone else?

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