FFS, The REAL Black Hood Is Still Alive And Is Returning To "Riverdale"

26 March 2018, 21:22 | Updated: 26 March 2018, 21:31

Betty Cooper Riverdale Black Hood Return
Picture: The CW

By Katie Louise Smith

The last few episodes of season two will refocus on the identity of the REAL Black Hood.

It's time to dust off the suspect boards and get back to sleuthing my friends because Riverdale's biggest mystery is back back BACK AGAIN. It's now been confirmed by show-runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa that the Black Hood will be back in the last handful of episodes for more torment and misery.

Ever since the janitor Joseph Svenson was unmasked as the "killer" by Sheriff Keller in 2x9, the fandom had a feeling that he wasn't the real culprit. And while it was teased that there would "still be a lot of fall out" from the reveal, we now know that that "fall out" is actually a whole 'nother character reveal because the real Black Hood didn't actually die...


Speaking on the Riverdale panel at PaleyFest yesterday (March 25), Aguirre-Sacasa said: “When we started, we had three likely suspects, so for the first half of the season, we were always dropping red herrings so we could pick [one of the three].

As we moved into the second half, and we get back to the Black Hood for the last few episodes, we always knew it wasn’t Svenson, [the janitor], but for the last 10 episodes or so, we’ve had a pretty clear idea and have been writing toward that.”

So there you have it. The Black Hood was NOT Svenson (we been knew) and the real Black Hood will be unveiled once and for all at the end of the season. That's good news for those of us who were a little underwhelmed by the big reveal but also, TERRIBLE news for the good sis Betty who really thought she had him in the bag.


But who could it be? At this point in the damn show, it could be anyone's guess as to who is really behind it. Now that Claudius Blossom is in the pictures, who's to say it wasn't him terrorising the town before he made his grand return? There's a huge fan theory that Chic is behind the hood - and while the wrong age and build, he's creepy enough to suspect. Keller? Tall Boy working for Hiram? HAL COOPER?! (I will honestly fight someone if it's Hal...)

Here's our detailed list of possible culprits, is your number one suspect on there?