Camila Mendes called out a fan who criticised her relationship with Charles Melton

5 November 2018, 14:02

By Katie Louise Smith

The Riverdale actress clapped back at a fan account on Instagram after they compared her current boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend.

The cast of Riverdale have had their fair share of run ins with entitled fans and fan accounts who continually slate and discuss their personal lives on social media. Lili Reinhart has been one of the more outspoken members of the cast, especially when it comes to calling out fans who speculate on her relationship with boyfriend Cole Sprouse.

The latest to have to call out the fandom? Camila Mendes, who has just clapped back at a fan for criticising her relationship with boyfriend and co-star Charles Melton.

Camila and Charles confirmed their relationship last month in an adorable Instagram photo. Since then, they've been spotted out and about together and have shared loads of snaps on Insta.

But after a fan account on Instagram started comparing and scrutinising her relationship with Charles to that of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Victor Houston, she decided to let them have it in a lengthy Instagram comment.

Camila Mendes at the Teen Choice Awards 2018
Camila Mendes has called out a fan who criticised her relationship with boyfriend Charles Melton. Picture: LISA O'CONNOR/AFP/Getty Images

The fan account posted two side by side paparazzi images of Camila and Charles and Camila and Victor alongside the caption: "Sorry but I have to post it. Cami looked happier with Victor."

Camila caught wind of the post - presumably because she was tagged in it (along with Charles, Victor and KJ Apa) - and decided to take time out of her day to call them out on it.

In the comment section, she wrote: "I feel silly responding to this but I also feel the impulse to tell you that you're wrong. I'm happier than I've ever been in my life. It's absurd to me that you call yourself a fan, yet your entire page is dedicated to disrespecting my relationship and my boyfriend, both of which you clearly know nothing about."

She then went on to explain the context of the two pictures, saying her and Charles were on the way to film a self-tape while her and Victor were at Comic Con. She closed the comment but saying: "I hope you're young, because that seems to be the only justification for this kind of immaturity."

After seeing Camila's comment on the post, fans immediately flocked to Twitter to express their support and disapproval of "fan" accounts that continuously comment on the personal lives and relationships of the actors.

Camila responded to the outpouring of support by quote tweeting a fan who said "i will never understand why people think they have any say in your relationship when it's YOUR relationship."

In the tweet, Cami replied: "the fake fans just make me appreciate the real fans more. love you guys."

Go off, Cami.