Camila Mendes confirms Veronica and Reggie romance on 'Riverdale'

6 December 2018, 18:58 | Updated: 7 December 2018, 09:22

By Sam Prance

Camila will date her irl boyfriend Charles Melton on the show...

Riverdale would not be the same without its iconic ships. Ever since the hit teen drama first aired back in 2017, fans instantly latched onto the show's central romances. From Bughead (whatever your feel about Betty and Jughead, there is no denying that they really love each other) to Choni (LGBTQ+ legends), there's lots to stan. Not to mention, will-they-won't-they icons Falice (FP and Alice better be endgame).

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It's Varchie who fans can't stop talking about right now though. The long-term Riverdale couple called it quits this season. In one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the show, Archie chose to end things with Veronica so that he could attempt to run away from Hiram (okay...). Despite some temptation, it is clear that Archie is not over Veronica yet but Camila Mendes has confirmed that Veronica is moving on.

Will Veronica and Reggie get together on Riverdale?

'Riverdale': Camila Mendes confirms Veronica and Reggie ship
'Riverdale': Camila Mendes confirms Veronica and Reggie ship. Picture: The CW

In last night's episode it became pretty clear that things between Veronica and Reggie were starting to heat up. There wasn't anything explicit between the two characters but the two of them definitely began to flirt while working in the speakeasy and fans immediately started speculating that it's only a matter of time now before Veggie becomes a real thing. Apologies to all of the loyal Varchie shippers out there.

And now Camila Mendes has confirmed that the rumours that Veggie is going to happen are true. Speaking to Cosmopolitan about a Veronica and Reggie romance, she revealed: "I mean I don't think that's any secret. Veggie is something that's been happening in the comics way before Riverdale." So Camila will date her real boyfriend Charles Melton on screen. This is so perfect and people already stan.

Here are just a few of the Veggie shippers on Twitter.

Camila still thinks Varchie are ultimately "endgame" though. She said "I think Veronica is in a sensitive place right now and I think she's seeking comfort. Reggie is clearly there for her." and "We're seeing a different side of Reggie this season and I think we are going to see a bit more of his sensitive side and how loyal he is. And how much of a good friend he is."

In other words, Veggie is very much a thing but Varchie isn't over. Although something tells us that if Archie wants Veronica back, he's going to need to stop doing infuriating things and return to Riverdale pretty soon. If not, Veggie will rise.

What do you think? Are you team Varchie or Veggie?