Watch The 'Riverdale' Cast Perform Two Songs From The Special “Carrie: The Musical” Episode

18 April 2018, 14:11

Riverdale singing episode sneak peek
Picture: CW/Warner Brothers
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Okay, we're OFFICIALLY intrigued.

Riverdale has been dropping some seriously titillating clues about its first musical episode. We know that many of the Riverdale cast are multi-talented and fans can't wait to see what RAS and the gang have cooked up for the exciting episode.

The highly anticipated 'Carrie: The Musical' special will arrive this Wednesday, but you can see, not one but, TWO musical numbers from the episode ahead of time.

First, we have the gang performing "A Night We'll Never Forget".

The "behind the scenes" backstage sing-song shows the gang getting ready for the big Carrie musical production. We even get a glimpse of ol' Juggy and his camera capturing all that sweet documentary b-roll action.

No, Cole Sprouse will NOT be showing off his vocal skills in the episode. He will brood from behind the camera and support his cast mates in the most Jughead way possible.

Next up, Warner Brothers gave fans the opportunity to have a look at "In".

This number is all about wanting to be "in" the play which feels a bit meta if you ask us. Nevertheless, Cheryl, Ethel, Toni, and even Chuck are suited and booted for this musical special. We've got harmonies, choreo, and even costumes. It's all happening now, guys.

Riverdale returns April 18 on the CW and April 19 on Netflix.