KJ Apa confirms he has 3 more years on his Riverdale contract

19 March 2020, 17:01 | Updated: 19 March 2020, 17:35

By Katie Louise Smith

Riverdale season 7, anyone?

Riverdale is just about to wrap up season 4 (honestly, where has the time gone?) but with production currently closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the jury is still out on whether or not season 4 will actually be completed. (The cast and crew were getting ready to work on the final two episodes.)

But regardless of what happens, season 5 is still going ahead. And if you thought that season 5 was going to be the end of the teen drama, think again...

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KJ Apa may have just teased that he and his fellow cast mates will be sticking around for a few more years. Three to be exact.

KJ Apa won't be leaving Riverdale anytime soon
KJ Apa won't be leaving Riverdale anytime soon. Picture: The CW

In an interview with LA Times, KJ appeared to reveal that Riverdale could very well be sticking around for another three seasons.

In the profile, LA Times reports: "Though he wouldn’t get into the specifics of his contract — which he said is the same for all of the show’s leads — Apa said he’ll be on Riverdale for the next three years."

So, given that season 5 has already been confirmed, we could be looking at Riverdale season 6 and maybe even season 7, with the show's leads all still (hopefully) attached.

Riverdale's main cast members are said to have 3 more years on their contract
Riverdale's main cast members are said to have 3 more years on their contract. Picture: The CW

During the press tour for his new movie I Still Believe, KJ has been dropping hints about what could happen in season 5 of the show. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, KJ teased that what happens after the gang graduate from Riverdale High is going to be unexpected.

"That's the interesting thing about next season is we can go anywhere," he said. "The only kind of spoiler we can give people is that it's not your typical graduate high school and then... it's gonna surprise a lot of people, I think."

Sooooo... time jump?