Every Single "Riverdale" Character EVER Ranked From Worst To Best

11 January 2019, 11:50 | Updated: 25 September 2019, 21:48

Riverdale, Best Riverdale Character, Ranked, Worst To Best
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Who is the best character on Riverdale? There's only one way to find out...

There's long been a debate around who the best character on Riverdale actually is. For some of us, we have our solid favourites but for the rest of the fandom, things tend to shift from episode to episode as the characters evolve and... well, die.

Here at PopBuzz HQ, we all pledge allegiance to several different characters so we decided to end the madness once and for all and rank every single character in the show to find out who *actually* is the best. Arguments amongst the team were had, filibusters in favour of certain characters were performed but in the end, there was one clear winner.

The rules are simple: The character has had to have appeared on screen and/or have an actual name. Character development, character actions and motives have all been considered. And please note: Only the CHARACTERS have been taken into account, this ranking is not based on the ACTORS.

Are we clear? Are you ready? Every single character from Riverdale ranked. Who will be crowned King or Queen? 3, 2, 1... GO.

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91) Hal Cooper

Shot Fred Andrews for no reason. Tried to kill Cheryl for no reason. Killed Midge FOR NO REASON. Terrorised his own daughter. Tried to kill his own daughter. Cheated on his wife. Tried to kill her too. Tried to scam her out of inheritance money. Told her to abort her unborn baby. Told his other daughter to abort her babies. Was literally a serial killer. *takes a deep breath and exhales* SHOVE IT, HAL.

90) Penelope Blossom

As Riverdale's resident lady of the night, Penelope has been serving looks AND tea while Clifford is rotting in the ground. But however iconic she might be, it turns out that she was just as - if not more - villainous as him. She still spent years emotionally abusing her own daughter, literally drove her to conversion therapy and then orchestrated an entire scheme to murder everyone in Riverdale. A great villain, but a terrible terrible person.

89) Clifford Blossom

Clifford Blossom. Where do I begin? Bad wigs, for a start. Terrible wigs. And um, I don’t know about you guys but shooting your own son point blank in the head is like, very bad, huh?

88) Nick St Clair

Spoiled rich kid, so hyped off his own privilege that he thinks he can come in heeeeere, sexually assault my girls and try to beat up my boyfriend Archie Andrews?! HELL NO.

87) Nick St Clair’s parents

Can you please come and collect your son and get the HELL out of my neighbourhood.

86) Miss Grundy

One of the worst characters to ever grace the streets of Riverdale. Not only has she slept with (at least) three underage students, she also encouraged Archie to pursue his dreams of being a musician. And that, my friends, is unforgivable. (Lol, just kidding, just kiddinggggg.)

85) Hiram Lodge

As deliciously devious and interesting as he is, Hiram really is a terrible terrible human, isn’t he? The shady mob boss business dealings can be forgiven but the fact that he used a sixteen year old boy as a pawn in his petty little game, tried to destroy his relationship with his father and then ruined his life by framing him for murder? Absolutely not. YOU’RE A GROWN ASS MAN, SIR! PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!

Mark Consuelos as Hiram Lodge
Mark Consuelos as Hiram Lodge. Picture: The CW

84) Edgar Evernever

I don't care if he has great abs... the man has been out here harvesting the organs of teenagers and taking advantage of vulnerable people for God knows how long. LOCK HIM UP!

83) Sister Woodhouse

She can choke.

82) Tall Boy

Once upon a time, we all thought we could trust Tall Boy. He seemed like the kind of guy you'd want on speed dial just in case anything bad ever happened, ya know? A real ride or die. Turns out, he was just a filthy traitor.

81) Mustang

Mustang had a hand in the torturing and murdering of Riverdale's golden child, Jason Blossom and he was also one of the only Serpents dumb enough to get killed on the job. SAD!

80) Major Mason

Literally dressed up as the Gargoyle King in order to scare his son straight. TRASH!

79) Joseph Svenson

We mean… did he ever really have anything to do with Hal’s Black Hood bullshit or was he just an innocent man roped in via blackmail? Either way, it doesn’t matter – he still tried to kill my precious children Betty and Archie. BYE.

Joseph Svenson in Riverdale
Joseph Svenson in Riverdale. Picture: The CW

78) Warden Norton

I don't care if he was caught up in a game of Gryphons and Gargoyles, the man was a mess! WHO BRANDS A 16 YEAR OLD?! WHO?!

77) Oscar Castillo

You probably don’t even remember him. He was the guy who told Archie his writing wasn't quite as iconic as he thought it was. Harsh but fair. Harsh but fair.

76) Malachai

For style and aesthetics alone, Malachai would easily be top ten with that jawline and signature studded leather jacket. But him and his gang tried to destroy Riverdale, almost killed Jughead in the process so... it's gonna have to be a no from me for now, Chief.

75) Sheriff Minetta

Hot but... #NotMySheriff

74) Gladys Jones

A messy bitch who lives for drama - and perhaps this show's greatest disappointment? At first, Gladys had all the makings of a great character but in the end, she was willing to risk her own son's life rather than give up her drug empire. There's parents with questionable morals and then there's... that.

Gina Gershon as Gladys Jones
Gina Gershon as Gladys Jones. Picture: The CW

73) Marty Mantle

He literally physically beat his son.

72) Mrs Wright

Corrupt. Lock her up.

71) Paul Sowerberry

Literally who? Apparently he's Hiram's attorney from season one but I don't recall. Probably corrupt, seeing as he's dealing with Hiram. Sorry!

70) Myles McCoy

There’s a big debate around who the worst parent in Riverdale is and aside from the obvious murderers and abusers that have already been listed above, Josie’s dad had a pretty decent shot at winning. But he redeemed himself in season 3 when he came to watch Josie perform at La Bonne Nuit and invited her on tour with him. You know what that is? GROWTH.

69) The Sugar Man/Robert Phillips

The sheer nerve of Dr Charles Percy from Grey's Anatomy Mr Phillips to sell drugs in the same school where he teaches?! I'd say it was genius but he was stupid enough to get caught so... bye.

Robert Phillips aka the Sugar Man in Riverdale
Robert Phillips aka the Sugar Man in Riverdale. Picture: The CW

68) Marcel

Beat up Chic at the motel then turned up to the Cooper house with nothing but a sad switch blade. Go back to Centerville, Marcel. No one cares.

67) Darla

Who gave her the right to come into MYYYYYYY house and disrespect MYYYYYYY mother like that? I'll give her credit where credit is due... like a true scammer, she saw an opportunity and she took it but if she ever comes back, it's on sight.

66) Shady Guy

We barely knew the shady guy but he was clearly up to something shady.

65) Penny Peabody

Listen, Penny is a lowkey legend but rules are rules… and she is a snake of the highest order. Teaming up with the Ghoulies after being banished by the Serpents and returning to beat up a sixteen year old and leave him for dead? We know Jughead skinned her first but that was just out of line!

Penny Peabody, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

64) Claudius Blossom

Conspired with Penelope to kill Nana Blossom by pushing her down the stairs and became part of Hiram's evil gang of villains, shifting Fizzle Rocks all over the damn shop. He might have brilliant dinner table banter but he’s as shifty as his twin brother.

63) Evelyn Evernever

This. Grown. Adult. Is. The. Sneakiest. Cult. Recruiter. I. Have. Ever. Met. Do! Not! Trust! Her!

62) Daryl Doiley

Hands down, the most suspicious of all the parents on that fateful night at school back in the 90s. Also, WHO KILLED HIM?!

61) Chic

A liar! A scammer! And apparently, the kid who's been playing the Gargoyle King this whole time!

60) Laurie Lake

We knew she was not to be trusted. AND WE WERE RIGHT.

59) Cassidy Bullock

From the second we met him in the store at Shadow Lake, we knew he was fishy. Lo and behold, later in the episode he shows up with three pals in black hoods and attempts to rob the Lodge Lodge. Did he deserve to be killed? No, that was a bit much. A bit of good old fashioned blackmail would have done the job... but nothing is ever that simple in Riverdale.

Kurtz from Riverdale
Kurtz from Riverdale. Picture: The CW

58) Kurtz

Big shit.

57) Ricky

Little shit. But deserved better.

56) Principal Featherhead

Any principal who issues Saturday detentions is just doing the most. Take a day off, Featherhead!

55) Randy Ronson


54) Mrs Ronson

RIP to her son!

53) Ginger Lopez and Tina Patel

Cheryl's previous right hand sis and left hand sis. Both shady snitches and spillers of tea. Never voted in the battle between Cheryl and Veronica for Head Cheerleader. After all that's happened over the past few years, don't they know how important it is to GET OUT AND VOTE?!

52) Ethel's Mum

Deserves better but doesn't get enough screen time.

51) Principal Weatherbee

Weatherbee means well, it’s not his fault everyone who surrounds him is absolutely useless. We mean, he was literally driven into a cult for Christ's sake. The man needs a break!

Principal Weatherbee in Riverdale
Principal Weatherbee in Riverdale. Picture: The CW

50) Peaches 'n' Cream

Seems like a ride or die. She can stay.

49) Farmer McGinty

McGinty is TRULY the creepiest guy in the Riverdale/Greendale area. That being said, he 100% needs to come back again to spill more tea on the Riverdale Reaper and Nana Blossom's involvement with that gang of murderers. It's what we deserve.

48) Small Fry

Despite proving himself to be a loyal son to the iconic Poppa Poutine, Small Fry broke into the Lodge's apartment and attempted to murder Mi Amor and our beloved Mija. Not a smart move, Small Fry. You got what you deserved.

47) Poppa Poutine

If I ever decided to become part of the mob, I'd wanna be in Poppa Poutine's organisation. Mainly because he has the best poutine.

46) Jason Blossom

He's never actually spoken so this seems unfair. He was involved in the playbook but if Cheryl stans him then... what she says goes, we guess?

Trevor Stines as Jason Blossom
Trevor Stines as Jason Blossom. Picture: The CW

45) Chuck Clayton

To be fair to Chuck, he is on the path to redemption but the playbook will not be forgotten. His efforts in the school musical were much appreciated but he needs more screen time to really flesh out that redemption arc.

44) Coach Clayton

Unproblematic fave who cut his own problematic son from the football team after the playbook got out. He also seems to be one of the only parents in this town with some morals. Bring him back.

43) Agent Adams

From day one, we knew Agent Adams was an untrustworthy bitch. At first he was an FBI agent shadowing Archie, then he was revealed to be linked to the Lodge family and THEN he double crossed the Lodges by working with Lenny and Carl. PICK A FUCKING SIDE, ADAMS!

42) Babyteeth

The realest G. RIP, King.

41) Elio

He's shady but he knows how to run a good scam. Could be valuable if you ever needed to form a heist team but remember to scam him before he gets the chance to scam you.

40) Moose Mason

My boy’s been through a lot. His girlfriend was murdered by Hal Cooper, he was shot by Hal Cooper… Moose needs a break, you know? Hope he's doing ok in Glendale x

39) Ben Button

Of all the people in Riverdale, you know that this boy has some TEA! He’s worked at the Drive-In and the Bijou so he probably knows ALL the goings on between the Serpents, the Ghoulies, the Bulldogs... He really did have the potential to be Riverdale's Gossip Girl but then he killed himself in the name of the Gargoyle King. SUCH A WASTE!

Ben Button in Riverdale
Ben Button in Riverdale. Picture: The CW

38) Trev Brown

Valerie’s unproblematic brother. He quit the football team after he saw Chuck's playbook and spilled the tea to the amateur sleuths about its whereabouts. A legend. We stan.

37) Ethel Muggs

Ethel is a real mixed bag. Sometimes she’s a real one, sometimes she’s so infuriating that you just wanna scream and shake her. She sent those poison pen letters all because she wanted to be Carrie in the musical (petty) and she really let the team down when she got all up in that Gryphons and Gargoyles mess. But, at the end of the day, Ethel isn't the worst.

36) Andre

Andre doesn't deserve the slander he gets but unfortunately that's what you get when you fall into bed with the Lodges and end up dying on the job. Also, Smithers was the best at guarding doors. SORRY ABOUT IT!

35) Mrs Mulwray

Easily pressured into committing fraud and faking official documents but seems fun! (Also, did we ever find out if she was Hiram's mistress or not?)

34) Polly Cooper

Polly has been MIA for the majority of this show but that doesn’t mean she's about to get away with anything. On one hand, she's pretty fuckin' shady and on the other hand, she's just a poor bb who got brainwashed by a cult. She also called her children Juniper and Dagwood - that’s grounds for a lawsuit.

Tiera Skovbye as Polly Cooper
Tiera Skovbye as Polly Cooper. Picture: The CW

33) Charles Smith

He's been in this show for all of 5 minutes and he's already top tier. FBI King. Wears the fuck out of a suit. And he's cute. *chants* Please don't be a murderer! Please don't be a murderer! Please don't be a murderer!

32) Dilton Doiley

If you had asked me during season 2, I would have 100% included Dilton on my dream fictional heist team; knows his way around the woods, has access to fire-arms if needed, has a good underground hide-out. But now, I can't include him. Because he's dead. And that's a real shame. Peace out, Dilton.

31) Hot Dog

12/10, would not let him get kidnapped by the Ghoulies and be starved for three months.

30) Juniper and Dagwood

Honestly the most underrated characters in this whole show. The things they have seen! The things they must know! And like, I know it would be mean to separate the babies and rank them separately BUT... Juniper is obviously the best one.

29) Smithers

SMITHERS, MY MAN!! The purest soul who only wanted the best. Deserved none of what Hiram threw at him but at least he's safe at the bus station away from the mob dealings at the Pembrooke now. God speed, Smithers. See you again someday.

Smithers in Riverdale
Smithers in Riverdale. Picture: The CW

28) Vegas

14/10, would not abandon after selfishly pleading guilty to committing a murder I knew full well that I didn't do.

27) Melody Valentine

Melody is one of the most underrated characters on this show and she deserves some more screen time, some more dialogue and some GOD DAMN RESPECT. BRING HER BACK. WHERE IS SHE?

26) Sierra McCoy

Resigning as Mayor of this godforsaken town was the best thing that Sierra could have ever done. Free from the drama that comes with being mayor, she's bagged herself a HDR (Hot Dad of Riverdale™) and is now lawyering up (free of charge?) for the teens of Riverdale. Honestly, we should all feel bad for sleeping on her and doubting her for this long.

25) Tom Keller

Sure, he had his off days as Sheriff but lemme tell you something about Tom Keller… the man will fight if you need him to. One third of the Hot Dads of Riverdale™ brigade, my mans Keller is ready to take on whatever comes his way. He's also like, a really good dad... you love to see it.

Tom Keller and Sierra McCoy
Tom Keller and Sierra McCoy. Picture: The CW

24) Midge Klump


23) Toni Topaz's Grandpa

IDK, he seems like a legend. Would love to see more of him.

22) Mad Dog

This king saved Archie's life and risked his own in doing so. He deserves the world. Also, very good abs.

21) Nana Rose

Nana Rose has long been a fan favourite at PopBuzz - the way she literally risked breaking every bone in her body by crawling to the phone to let Toni know that Cheryl had been forced into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy was legendary. HOWEVER, due to recent developments, it sounds like Nana Rose might actually be way more evil than we thought she was. Going to an orphanage and grooming little girls to become wives for her son?! WHEW! GRANDMA PLZ!

20) Hermione Lodge

Hermione has been like three different people throughout this whole show. She's gone from nice hard working lady to scheming mob wife and potential Lodge king pin to woman trapped in a miserable marriage with a dangerous gangster. However, deep down, to us, she's still that wholesome mum who wants nothing but the best for mija.

Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge
Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge. Picture: The CW

19) Reggie Mantle

It's been a long time coming but Reggie is finally getting his time to shine. As long as he never double crosses Ronnie and continues to support her hopes and dreams, he's good with us. So far, so good!

Charles Melton as Reggie Mantle
Charles Melton as Reggie Mantle. Picture: The CW

18) Josie McCoy

Contrary to popular beliefs, Josie is not just a musical plot device. Josie is intelligent, she's talented, she's brilliant, she's show-stopping, she's amazing, she's spectacular, she is a taker of no bullsh*t, she is assertive, she is driven, sure she used to be little bit entitled but honestly, who isn't? SHE'S EARNED IT. There was still so much to explore with Josie but she's gone to New York now and I hope she thrives. It's what she deserves.

Josie McCoy, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

17) Mary Andrews

Mary is... the mother I never had. The sister everyone would want. The friend everyone deserves. I don't know a better person. Probably the only parent in town (when she's here, of course) who has a clue and is not afraid to call Archie out on his bullshit. Honestly, Riverdale doesn't deserve Mary. Now where is my high-powered law drama spin-off set in Chicago that focuses on Mary Andrews' career?

Mary Andrews, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

16) Valerie Brown

A keyboard legend! A vocalist! A songwriter! And honestly? A really great character who had potential. Come back, Queen... we miss you!

Valerie Brown, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

15) Fangs Fogarty

The unsung hero of the Serpents and a potential romantic interest for Kevin. After almost losing him to a gunshot in season 2 and then again, with The Farm in season 3, he has become more and more important to our daily survival. We have decided to stan... forever.

Fangs Fogarty, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

14) Sweet Pea

If Sweet Pea asked me to give up my entire life as I know it to run away with him and join the Serpents, I would say yes. He can be hot-headed and make rash decisions at times but you know what, I'm chalking that down to passion. Sidenote: No one - NO ONE - wears a turtle neck quite like Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Sweet Pea. Picture: The CW

13) Archie Andrews

Despite all his flaws, Archie Andrews is one of - if not - the most selfless people in Riverdale. Yes he can often be frustrating as fuck, yes he’s an idiot for falling for Hiram’s petty schemes but he’s a 17-year-old boy! Archie will do anything to help anyone, whether they're a friend or not - he saved Cheryl's life for God's sake! Human embodiment of a Gryffindor. Harry, Ron and Hermione are shaking.

Archie Andrews, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

12) Joaquin DeSantos

Ever since Joaquin got on that bus to San Junipero, our lives have never been the same. When he came back in season 3 as a prisoner in juvie with Archie, we thought our dreams had come true. Cut to four episodes later and Joaquin was found blue-lipped, dead as shit in an arm chair at Sunnyside trailer park. He didn't deserve to fall victim to Gryphons and Gargoyles. He deserved to runaway with Kevin and live happily ever after. Goodnight, sweet serpent prince, we'll miss you!

Joaquin DeSantos, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

11) Pop Tate


Pop Tate, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

10) Jellybean Jones

Before we even saw her on-screen, we knew Jellybean was going to be a legend - and we were right. This lil' Doc Martens-wearing, slingshot-wielding baby mechanic is everything. The one true Serpent Queen. Don't @ me.

Jellybean Jones
Jellybean Jones. Picture: The CW

9) Kevin Keller

Kevin is literally the one friend that we all deserve - he's kind, he's thoughtful, he's loyal, he's funny, he's there when you need him, he's brilliant at giving advice, he has expert delivery on those witty one liners, he watches RuPaul's Drag Race. Honestly, if we all had a Kevin in our lives, we would be better people. All I want for my birthday this year is a nice boyfriend... for Kevin.

Kevin Keller, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

8) Jughead Jones

Over the seasons, Jughead has gone from strength to strength, he's matured and has finally stepped into his own light. Did you ever think the same Juggie from season one would haul his ass to Greendale with Penny Peabody in tow, skin her and leave her in the dust? (Not his finest hour but we'll let it slide. She did almost have him killed...)

Let's face facts, without Jughead, Archie would be dead (probably) and several murder investigations would still be on-going so it's safe to say that the boy has earned his stripes. He's grown into his role as the new leader of the Serpents perfectly and you know what? I'M READY TO PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE.

Jughead Jones, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

7) FP Jones

FP Jones is a good person and I will not hear another word said about it. Yes, FP has done some very bad things, but they were done to protect others; the whole Jason cover up and jail stint? To protect his son. Burying the shady guy's body? To protect Alice and Betty. And yes, he's been a bit shit when it comes to parenting but who in this town isn't? The most important thing is: he's here and he's doing his best. OK?????

At the end of the day, FP Jones is the kind of guy who, if you came to him with a problem, would solve it at whatever cost. And then he'd invite you for a drink afterwards - which you would politely decline because you know he's trying to stay sober. We love a dad with an extensive plaid shirt collection who will lay his life on the line for those he loves. (Also, have you seen him wearing glasses?!!!)

FP Jones, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The cW

6) Toni Topaz

When Toni was first introduced, she caught a lot of unjust heat from the fandom because of that whole ‘she’s gonna break up Bughead!’ nonsense but this Southside legend is the ONE. Toni really came into her own and she's only just getting started.

Never boring, amazing hair, has your back even if you aren't affiliated with her gang... we don't deserve Toni. None of us deserve Toni. Except Cheryl – Cheryl deserves Toni. BUT AS MUCH AS WE ALL LOVE CHONI IN THIS HOUSE - Toni doesn't deserve to just be someone's love interest. My girl needs a backstory and she needs screen time so she can cement herself as the serpent queen she was born to be.

Toni Topaz, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

5) Fred Andrews

The number one dad in Riverdale and the purest of the pure but not without his flaws. Fred Andrews is the king of staying in his lane and minding his own business. He has never pretended to be someone he's not and he's never judged others for their shortcomings or mistakes.

This king remains HUMBLE and he stays grounded. Honestly, if I had to trust anyone with my life, it would be Fred Andrews. If there's anyone in this town who deserved better, it was Fred. The heart and soul of Riverdale.

Fred Andrews, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

4) Veronica Lodge

On paper, Veronica is a recipe for disaster. A spoiled rich kid from the city accustomed to a life of diamonds, pearls, fine leather goods and Cristal mimosas for breakfast, all expensed on daddy's American EXCESS card. But over the past few seasons, you'll agree that V has truly cemented herself as a key player in Riverdale and has single-handedly saved the town from its beige existence.

She's one of the only people in this god damn town brave enough and smart enough to stand up to her morally corrupt father. She's always one step ahead of every scheme. She fights her own battles. She's a successful businesswoman. She's always first in line to fight for her friends too, no matter what. If something in the town needs saving, she's saving it.

Let's face it, she's honestly more qualified to be the Mayor than literally anyone at this point... #Lodge2020.

Veronica Lodge, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

3) Alice Cooper Smith

From the stone cold, untrustworthy one-time murder suspect to one of the most multi-faceted, most valuable and best characters in town? Alice invented character development.

Is Alice the best parent on the show? Absolutely not but that doesn’t mean her actions come from a place of hatred or malice. Alice is a very complex and vulnerable character who's been through a lot of shit and all she's ever wanted for her kids is to not have the messy life that she had. Her decisions are often misguided but at the end of the day, she'll do whatever it takes to protect the kids – including going undercover to save her eldest daughter from a cult. (Lol, soz to Betty for all that emotional trauma.)

Whether she's serving North Side Cooper or South Side Smith, she has the ability to eviscerate anyone who crosses her or her family. She throws bricks at windows for fun and she's mastered the art of the brutal clap-back so perfectly that you actually consider calling for an ambulance several times an episode. PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS!

Alice Cooper, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

2) Betty Cooper

It is a known fact that Betty is the only person in this town who actually has a damn clue. She is Nancy Drew, Elle Woods, all of the Pretty Little Liars, Detective Olivia Benson from SVU and Judge Judy all rolled into one. Without Betty, the Black Hood would still be at large, no one would have discovered the USB stick with the CCTV footage of Jason's murder, Cheryl may never have escaped Thorn Hill, FP would still be in jail, the Black Hood, The Farm... NEED I GO ON?

She's selfless, she stands up for what she believes in, she's literally of one the only characters who is actively trying to make Riverdale a better place... without Betty, Riverdale would be nothing. NOTHING I TELL YOU! PUT SOME RESPECT ON ELIZABETH'S NAME.

P.S. Please give Betty a break xx

Betty Cooper, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Picture: The CW

1) Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Marjorie Blossom is, without a doubt, the BEST character on Riverdale... PERIOD! She is never without a bold red lip (which she invented), she always brings the fire (literally), she will not stand for your bullsh*t and she has the ability to end you in one fell swoop with a witty line and a savage nickname.

But there’s more to Cheryl than just sass and aesthetics, though. Like Alice, Cheryl isn't just a one-dimension clap-back generator and she's not your textbook mean girl. Beyond that stone-cold facade, Cheryl is an incredibly vulnerable person, looking for a place to finally belong. Over the past few seasons, we've seen Cheryl go from a foil to the core four to an integral part of the squad and now, a powerhouse who stand in her own light. She's gone from living under Penelope's thumb and seeking her approval to literally not giving a fuck. And she's also embraced her own sexuality, something she was made to feel ashamed of in the past.

Cheryl has been through it (she's still going through it tbh) but now, my emancipated Queen has a kick-ass girlfriend on her arm, a red jacket on her back and she is reclaiming her time. She is THAT bitch.

Cheryl Blossom, Riverdale, Best Character, Ranked
Cheryl Blossom. Picture: The CW