"Riverdale" Fans Are Obsessed With Cheryl Blossom And Her Bow And Arrow

10 May 2018, 13:52 | Updated: 10 May 2018, 13:58

Cheryl Blossom and Betty Cooper
Picture: CW/Riverdale
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

They need to do a whole spin-off about this look.

This week's episode of Riverdale came to a head when the Black Hood was dramatically revealed amid the chaos of a small town insurrection. Meanwhile, Cheryl Blossom became the hero that Riverdale needed and deserved dressed as little red riding hood with a medieval weapon.

We all know that Cheryl Blossom is a woman of many talents, but after tonight's episode, it's clear she needs a whole character arc where she is a vigilante in red hunting down men with her bow and arrows.

Cheryl is shaking the table and you better cancel your other arrow wielding faves.

And you have to give Cheryl the props for executing a COSTUME CHANGE while being hunted by a masked killer.

Fans have decided they want Cheryl to shoot them next with her bow and arrow.

We know that Cheryl has been spotted practicing her bow and arrow skills before, but we still have so many questions.

Where did Cheryl learn to shoot so well? Will she actually become a bow-wielding vigilante in season 3? Will there ever be a 45 minute episode of her doing target practice? Does she have any tips on how to get dressed in 0.03 seconds because I'm late to everything.

Listen, CW. Call me. I have an idea for a Cheryl Blossom spin-off.