'Riverdale' Might Be Introducing Cheryl's REAL Dad And Honestly, I'm Shook

18 July 2018, 12:46

By Katie Louise Smith

Is a HUGE Blossom family secret about to spilled in Riverdale?

Production for season three of Riverdale is in full swing. The cast have been sharing plenty of sneak peeks at what's currently going on behind the scenes: there's a pool party at Cheryl's house, Falice seem to be back in business (or are they?) and it looks like Archie might have just got himself a Serpent tattoo... *sighs*

So far, we know the titles of the first two episodes thanks to show-runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Episode one will be titled 'Labor Day' and episode two will be titled "Fortune and Men's Eyes" but it's the picture on the front of episode two's production script that has got fans shook and a little confused.

Riverdale Cheryl's Real Dad
Picture: The CW/@writerras via Twitter

If you've been following Riverdale since day one, you'll know that the production script for each episode features an illustration from the Archie Comics. Sometimes they're direct references to what's going on in the episode and other times, they're not quite as on the nose.

While it may look like that's Archie who ends up behind bars, it doesn't actually appear to be an illustration of him from the comics - unless he started bulking up and growing facial hair during his prison stay. The sketch is actually of Eddie Sheers, a character who was introduced to the comics in 2018.

According to Metro, Eddie is actually convict who manages to escape prison and ends up holding the gang at gun point at a school dance while attempting to extort money out of Penelope Blossom. His secret? He's Cheryl and Jason's real dad. Yep. Their real father in the comics is NOT actually Clifford Blossom. Can you believe?!

Eddie Sheers Riverdale
Picture: Archie Comics/Audrey Mok

While nothing is confirmed, this kind of plot twist wouldn't actually be out of reach for Riverdale. The Blossom family history is still shrouded in a lot of mystery after all. Fans have been speculating for a long time that Cheryl and Jason might not actually be twins, and some have even gone as far to speculate that they might not even be biological siblings.

There's never been much crossover between the storylines in the comics and the storylines on the show but they're always up for borrowing characters from the extended universe to life in the on-screen world.

Could Penelope and Claudius' obsession with trying to oust Cheryl out of Clifford's will finally expose a big family secret?