Riverdale just gave Cheryl and Toni the most NSFW sex scene ever

14 March 2019, 17:55 | Updated: 14 March 2019, 17:57

By Sam Prance

Cheryl and Toni finally had sex and Riverdale fans are reacting with the best memes...

Riverdale finally gave Cheryl and Toni their first sex scene.

Riverdale finally gave its LGBTQ+ characters screen time but it can still do better

Ever since Cheryl and Toni first became an item on Riverdale in season 2, fans have been desperate for them both to get the screen time they deserve. Not only are Madelaine Petsch and Vanessa Morgan two of the show's most gifted actresses but Choni is also one of the series' most loved ships. In spite of this, Choni rarely get significant character development. Last night that all changed though and fans were living for it.

Why was Cheryl and Toni's sex scene so steamy?

Riverdale: Cheryl and Toni sex scene memes
Riverdale: Cheryl and Toni sex scene memes. Picture: The CW

After hints at trouble in paradise back in Bizzarodale, American Dreams saw Choni reach breaking point. First of all, Toni said no to a holiday with Cheryl to spend time with the Pretty Poisons, then Cheryl got jealous of Toni neglecting her and it ended in a dramatic climax in which Toni told Cheryl that she moved in with her too soon and needed her space. Yes, our favourite couple broke up. *cries in lesbian*

However, before everything came to a head, Riverdale blessed us with their most explicit sex scene yet starring Choni. Time and time again, the series gives its straight couples sex scenes but ignores the sex lives of its LGBTQ+ ships. Seeing Choni have such an intimate moment on screen (I'm still sweating) was a major milestone for the series and it involved everything. Choni practically invented sex.

With that in mind, fans were quick to praise it.

Here is the sex scene and just a few of the reactions.

Of course, it is a little weird to see teenagers be so sexualised on screen (Choni are both only 16 years old each even though Madelaine and Vanessa are in their 20s). Also it would have been nice to see them have sex when they weren't fighting. But, given that Riverdale sexualises everyone else, this is a win of sorts. Plus it's still so rare to see LGBTQ+ sex on TV.

Fingers crossed the show features more LGBTQ+ sex scenes in future... AND CHONI GET BACK TOGETHER!!!

What did you think of Choni's sex scene?