A HUGE "Riverdale" Character Is Returning For The Christmas Episode And OMFG

13 December 2017, 12:19 | Updated: 13 December 2017, 14:01

Riverdale Return
Picture: The CW

By Katie Louise Smith

Well, that means she's not dead... or is she?!

Roll up, roll up... we've got some Riverdale tea that you HAVE to hear. A huge character from season one is making their triumphant return in this week's episode and it's someone who we all thought we'd seen the last of.

Cast your minds back to the season one finale of the show... remember when Cheryl burned down Thorn Hill?


Literally everyone on earth thought that she had torched the house with her creepy ol' grandma still inside. It's been almost 10 episodes and no one had even so much breathed a word about her. Not even Cheryl's mother. Did she die? Did she escape? If she escaped, how did she manage it in a wheelchair? Did none of these characters care about the wellbeing of an elderly woman? Clearly not.

Anyway, it looks like all that stress and worry were for nought because SHE'S BAAAAACCCKKKKK.

We are thrilled to announce that Nana Blossom survived the damn fire and is apparently alive and well AND she'll be making her grand return to the show in the mid-season finale episode.

According to that ominous tweet from show-runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Nana Blossom might have a connection to the Black Hood.

Seeing as the Blossom family have been running Riverdale for years, we wouldn't be surprised if she knew the Riverdale Reaper and the family he killed back in the '70s.

Some fans are suggesting that her connection to the Black Hood is through blood. One of the biggest theories is that Clifford Blossom is still alive and is now terrorising the town... as the Black Hood.

Or maybe her love of rituals and magical crystals will reveal a huge clue about the identity of the murderer?

Honestly, who knows at this point? But what we DO know, is that the good sis Rose Blossom is back in business. Then again, the use of the word "ghost" in that tweet has not gone un-clocked...