A Dead Character CAME BACK TO LIFE On "Riverdale" And Everyone Is Losing It

15 March 2018, 13:34 | Updated: 15 March 2018, 16:49

Cheryl Blossom Shook Riverdale 2x15 Clifford Blossom
Picture: The CW

By Katie Louise Smith

My mind is so full of theories, I can't think straight.

Just when you thought Riverdale couldn't get anymore crazier, weirder or serve up any more mind-blowing plot twists, this week's latest episode, "There Will Be Blood", honestly sent the fandom screaming into the night.

In the episode, we find out that Clifford Blossom left a secret will behind after his death at the end of season one. Everyone gathered at Thistlehouse for the reading of the will only to witness one HUGE character return from their grave. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Riverdale resurrection on our hands and it is WILD.

If you don't want to be spoiled, do NOT scroll past this gif of Alice Cooper calling Penelope Blossom a "half-melted, 10-cent trollop."


A LOT of stuff went down on this episode that will be sure to set up a pretty explosive few final episodes: Hal asked Alice for a divorce (finally!!) and she agreed on the proviso that she gets half the profit from the sale of Riverdale Register. A savvy business woman in both life and love. We stan.

Polly returned with Juniper and Dagwood while Chic continued to be weird and sinister as FUCK. Seriously, have you ever seen anything more terrifying than Chic with a baby? Smithers popped up to spill the tea on Hiram to Jughead. Hiram knows Jughead knows about his plans for Riverdale. Hermione Lodge is running for mayor now. I SMELL A RIG! Cheryl inherited half of Clifford Blossom's fortune and thanks to an ultimatum, every single inbred member of the Blossom family scrambled for a home DNA kit to prove they were entitled to a cut the fortune.



Just as Cheryl stands up to make a speech and declare the blood wars over, who should walk through the door? CLIFFORD BLOSSOM. Yes, bitch. Cheryl dropped. Hal was pressedt. The fandom was shooketh.

But just as we were all attempting to get our heads around a possible fake death, it was revealed that "Clifford" was actually his twin brother Claudius. (Mhmmm, they pulled that gag on us. How dare they.) Turns out, true heir to the fortune Claudius left Riverdale when Clifford threatened him with the Blossom family curse and hasn't been back since.

According to the curse, one Blossom twin always meets a "violent end" at the hands of the other, so Clifford told his brother that he would spare his life if Claudius disappeared from town, so he did...

And now, the fandom is asking the pressing questions and forming new theories:

So is Clifford really dead? How can we be sure they're not faking the twin story as a cover for his new identity? Remember when Cheryl threatened to reveal what really happened in that barn? Something suspicious is still afoot.

And considering the close relationship Claudius and Penelope seem to have, we wouldn't be surprised if Clifford's death had been set up by Claudius with Penelope as an accomplice so he could get rid of him, Cheryl and Nana and rightfully claim his fortune. One twin always meets a violent death at the end hand of the other, after all...

Cheryl, Nana Rose... You in danger, girls.