A New Family Is Coming To "Riverdale" And It Doesn't Sound Like Good News

30 November 2017, 14:54

Riverdale Family
Picture: The CW

By Katie Louise Smith

The Conways are coming...

Recovered from that shady Sheriff Keller plot twist at the end this week's Riverdale yet? Good, because we've got some more tea to spill.

While all eyes have been on the arrival of Betty's brother Chic, a brand new family is being introduced in next week's episode of Riverdale but it sounds like they won't be around for very long.


Mr Conway is played by Jason Bell who, conveniently enough, has thick dark eyebrows and green eyes. His build seems to match that of the Black Hood's too. Not saying he's the Black Hood but... it's all very suspicious. Jason is also credited as a stunt actor for the same episode too so whatever is going down, it sounds dramatic.

Jason Bell Riverdale
Picture: IMDb

Lisa Chandler will play Mrs Conway and Sue will be played by young actress Mira Eden. No other details have been released about the mysterious family and it appears as though they'll only be in one episode - but in what capacity?

In the promo for episode 8, there's a very short clip of a man, dressed in old timey clothes firing what looks like an old timey gun. Now cast your minds back to the story that Farmer McGinty told Jughead in episode 7 about the 'Riverdale Reaper' and how he murdered a family in cold blood with a shot gun back in the day...

Riverdale Reaper
Picture: The CW

McGinty's retelling of the story said it was a family of four that lived near Fox Forest but what if that family had been The Conways? Will we get to see a flashback to Riverdale's first serial killer?

Guess we'll find out next week! Someone call Alice Cooper right now and get her on the case. We need someone we can trust.