Riverdale's Ashleigh Murray calls out Elijah Daniel for calling her "sis" amid Twitter feud

17 December 2018, 14:34 | Updated: 17 December 2018, 15:04

By Sam Prance

It all started when Elijah Daniel dragged Riverdale on Twitter...

Riverdale may be on a winter break right now but that hasn't stopped the cast from blessing us with hilarious offscreen antics (if you've never seen KJ Apa skateboard, you're in for a treat) or teasing us with game-changing plot hints in between episodes (Veggie and Archosie are rising). However, every now and then things get a little more serious and this weekend the cast got in feud with YouTuber Elijah Daniel.

It all started when Elijah came for Riverdale and its fans: "does the riverdale fanbase know the show sucks and don’t care or do they just not know". KJ then clapped back: "Do your fans know that you’re a fuckn idiot or do they just not care?" This was followed by Ashleigh Murray coming to KJ's defence and it quickly escalated into various accusations of racism and homophobia.

What did Ashleigh Murray and Elijah Daniel tweet?

Riverdale&squot;s Ashleigh Murray slams Elijah Daniel for calling her "sis" amid Twitter feud
Riverdale's Ashleigh Murray slams Elijah Daniel for calling her "sis" amid Twitter feud. Picture: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images // YouTube

At first, Ashleigh backed up KJ by tweeting: "Lol he’s worried about a fanbase when none of us know who he is. People recognize me from the back of my head. What do you do?" in response to Elijah's initial diss. This didn't go down too well with Elijah though and he immediately retweeted Ashleigh's comments with some thoughts of his own.

Elijah tweeted: "i had to google who you were to even know you’re on that show & how are you bragging about how many fans you have when you have less followers than me like sis this is.....embarrassing. all i said was your show isn’t that good anymore why y’all SO mad i can’t breathe". He also mocked her comments.

The original interaction.

Ashleigh then called out Elijah on the negative racial implications of him calling her "sis". She wrote: "*tweets KJ Apa: regular vernaculars *tweets black girl: LISTEN SIS nice try, Eminem, nice try". While many white people use the word sis often now it's no secret that it derives from AAVE and is particularly problematic when white people co-opt it in attempts to be sassy.

Elijah then tweeted in defence of himself writing: "i call everyone sis are u really trying to make the word SIS racist i...cannot. y’all are the worst fucking locals I’ve ever seen lmfaoooo. also WHY are you so mad ur not even on the main cast of the show i said i don’t like".

While we're sure that Elijah didn't have any racist intentions with his original tweet, it's important for us as white people to be more conscious of the language that we use and not dismiss black people when they call us out on specific things we say. Using words like "sis" in this context can be interpreted as a microaggression.

Ashleigh then explained why she got so heated in the first place: "It was never about his opinion. It’s not my man’s kind of show either. I pettywapped b/c I go for my friends & regardless of taste, we all work very hard. Was it necessary? 😂 Nah! Lesson: You give it to twitterverse, it’ll be delivered. You don’t get to decide how it’s received".

This makes sense.

As opposed to leaving it there though, Elijah followed up Ashleigh's tweet by "jokingly" accusing her of homophobia. He retweeted her comment saying: "i smell homophobia ashleigh" and Ashleigh responded: "I was proudly raised by two moms my whole life, partially by my bi aunt, and my dad is gay. Try again".

Elijah then said: "it seems as if the joke went over ur head so I’ll explain: i said u were homophobic as a joke in reference to you pulling your back out when you stretched to call me racist".

It should go without saying that this is not okay. Elijah has a huge platform and blatantly ignoring what Ashleigh has tweeted him is wrong. She never called him racist, she simply pointed out an actual racial microaggression in his language. Calling it a "reach" and conflating it with a "joke" about homophobia, makes fun of something very serious.

What do you think? Was Elijah out of line?