There's Gonna Be A Fire On "Riverdale" And Pop's Is Going Up In Flames

1 March 2018, 13:33

Riverdale Fire Pop Tate's
Picture: The CW/Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa/Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

Pop is gonna die, isn't he? He's gonna die in that fire...

Any fan of television knows that finale season is the most dramatic time of year. Characters hook up, characters break up, characters move away, characters die... Yesterday, Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa all but confirmed that no mercy will be spared when it comes to the season two finale of your favourite TV show.

The front page of the production script for the penultimate episode of Riverdale season two was revealed and things are not looking good for your unproblematic fave, Pop Tate.

The episode will be called 'Judgment Night' and there's a comic book sketch of the beloved Pop's Diner on fire. Literally en fuego. Flames. EVERYWHERE.

The Archie Comics sketches that are depicted on the front of the production scripts usually hint at a mood, a vibe or a storyline that the episode will be covering. For 'The Wicked And The Devine' there was a sketch of Veronica and Hiram, for 'When A Stranger Calls' there was a sketch of Betty holding a phone looking worried and for 'The Wrestler', well, there was a sketch of Archie wrestling.

So, judging by the most recent sketch, Pop's is 100% going up in flames while Archie looks on helpless... as usual.


The title of the episode might give a huge clue to what might happen too. It's based on a 1993 thriller of the same name where four friends witness a murder and end up on the run after escaping a deadly blaze that was meant to kill any witnesses. Four friends? On the run? Murder? Escape? Fire? Sounds like Riverdale to moi.

So, who sets the diner on fire? Our money is on Hiram Lodge. Setting his own diner on fire to fraudulently claim some insurance money and conveniently end up with a whole patch of new land? Classic Hiram.

Or maybe it's one of his enemies. Or maybe it's Queen of the Long Con, the Godmother Hermione Lodge herself. Maybe it's not even Pop's that ends up on fire, maybe it's a different building.

Either way, if anyone even attempts to harm a single hair on Pop Tate's head... there'll be hell to pay.