How old is FP Jones? Riverdale just created a timeline error with his 50th birthday

14 March 2019, 13:33

By Katie Louise Smith

If FP Jones was 16 in the flashback episode that took place in the '90s, then how is he celebrating his 50th birthday 25 years later?!

Friends, Farmies, possible Gargoyle King suspects, I’ve gathered you here today to talk about the mysterious and very very confusing timeline of our beloved town of murder, corruption and buff cosplaying 16-year-olds, Riverdale.

As we all know, Riverdale has a habit of throwing in a few continuity errors and timeline contradictions here and there. The fact that fraternal twins Jason and Cheryl aren't in the same year at school? Makes no sense! The mysterious disappearance of Archie’s ‘sacrifice’ brand? Big mistake! And now, in the most recent episode of season 3 (‘American Dreams’), there’s one detail that fans absolutely cannot wrap their heads around: FP Jones’ age.

In episode 15, the 50th episode, FP celebrates his (wow, what a coincidence) 50th birthday. However, according to the already established timeline and the parent flashback episode, it doesn’t make any coherent sense for Hot Dad Numero Uno Forsythe Pendleton Jones II to be 50 years old.

How old is FP Jones? An in-depth investigative sleuth.

Riverdale just created a massive timeline error with FP's 50th birthday
Apparently, FP Jones is 50 despite going to high school in the '90s. . Picture: The CW

Before we start, let me just clarify: it’s always been maintained that time in Riverdale doesn’t quite operate in the same way that does in the ‘real’ world. During a Reddit AMA, Cole Sprouse revealed that Riverdale “has no formal or announced time period” but, it's clear that show takes place in the present day.

Let’s go back to season 1. In episode 7, wholesome king Fred Andrews stamps Jughead’s fake timecard with a date reading July 16, 2016. The town, founded in 1941, also celebrates its 75th Jubilee. Seeing as the kids started junior year in season 3, only one year (and a bit) appears to have passed. So as far as I’m concerned, the year is 2017(ish). GREAT. MOVING ON.

Now, the issue isn’t the fact that FP is 50 (like, honestly, it only makes him hotter), the issue is the fact that by making him 50, it kind of disregards a huge chunk of the overall timeline.

The flashback episode (a very key and integral part of the history of these characters) is set around 1992 - given the very blatant reference to Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder’s relationship ('90-'93) and Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (1991) right at the top of the episode. The parents were in junior year, so they’re around 16 or 17 at this point.

As we know, Alice got pregnant in junior year at the age of 16/17 with FP’s baby (in season 1, she says that she gave birth to Charles 5 months after the argument she had with Hal during senior year homecoming.)

Earlier in season 1, FP also states that he got kicked out by his dad at the age of 16 and joined the Serpents but considering we see him join the Serpents in the flashback episode, not sure if that still rings true. But the point is, FP is still 16 or 17 when this happens. In 1992(ish).

ANYWAY, cut to present day. In season 2, Alice mentions that Chic/Charles is now 25, which means the parents should - by the canon timeline’s details - be around mid-forties. 44 at the very most.



Fans have been quick to call out the error too, pointing out how frustrating it is to have all that canon backstory suddenly thrown into a big contradictory hole in the ground.

If all the parents are 50, then whatever. Great, it still makes no sense but at least their ages make no sense altogether.

But if it’s only FP that’s 50, then he would have had to have been held back at least 6 years, which makes no sense seeing as he was a model student and the star Quarterback. And, perhaps most importantly, if he is much older than everyone else, then are you saying that a twenty-something FP got a 16 year old Alice pregnant? YIKES!