Riverdale finally revealed who the Gargoyle King is but there was a HUGE twist

16 May 2019, 16:54 | Updated: 16 May 2019, 16:55

By Sam Prance

Chic is Riverdale's Gargoyle King but Penelope Blossom is the mastermind behind him...

Riverdale has finally explained the mystery of the Gargoyle King and it involves Chic, Penelope Blossom and Hal Cooper.

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Ever since Riverdale returned with season 3, fans have been keen to find out exactly who the Gargoyle King is, what they are actually doing and why they are so keen on killing off citizens in the town. It looked like the mystery had been solved back in episode 10, after FP arrested Tall Boy. However, someone else dressed as the Gargoyle King continued to wreak havoc on Riverdale and now it's finally been revealed who the actual Gargoyle King is and what their intentions were.

Who is the Gargoyle King? Is it Chic? Is it Penelope?

Riverdale reveals Chic is the Gargoyle King with Penelope
Riverdale reveals Chic is the Gargoyle King with Penelope. Picture: The CW

In the Riverdale season 3 finale, Penelope invites Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie to a mysterious dinner party. Then she asks them who the Gargoyle King is and, after Jughead guesses that it's Chic, she reveals that he is right. Hal never actually killed Chic as the Black Hood. Instead Hal caught Chic, and he and Penelope took Chic under their wing and then trained him to become the Gargoyle King.

Penelope introduced Gryphons & Gargoyles to Chic and he then spread it to Ben Button and beyond. If that weren't enough, she also worked together with Hal when he was the Black Hood and was involved in his killings from the start. She says she was intent on getting revenge on the town because she was angry that no one cared that she was groomed to be Clifford Blossom's wife.

So why did Ethel think that Chic was Jason Blossom? Well Penelope made Chic dye his hair red to look more like her actual son. Blossoms, am I right? Oh and separately Edgar and The Farm dug Jason's dead body out of his grave to make Cheryl believe that she was able to speak to him. It's completely wild but in the grand scheme of Riverdale drama, it somehow adds up.


In the finale, Penelope then made the Core Four carry out a series of death defying tasks before shooting Hal (!) and sending her followers to murder Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie. Cheryl, Toni, the Serpents and the Pretty Poisons save them though. Chic is arrested and Penelope runs away but the mystery of the Gargoyle King appears to have now drawn to a close ahead of season 4.

Obviously, it wouldn't be Riverdale if everything were tied up neatly. It now looks as though Jughead could be dead (!) and to make matters worse, Betty Jughead and Veronica may have someone (!!). Season 4 will focus on an I Know What You Did Last Summer-esque mystery so one thing's certain: there is plenty of drama to come.

And who knows?!! Maybe Penelope and the Gargoyle King will return...

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