What is 'Gryphons and Gargoyles' in 'Riverdale'? The mysterious game explained

25 October 2018, 16:48 | Updated: 25 October 2018, 16:53

By Sam Prance

The dark game is a huge part of the new season of 'Riverdale'...

Three episodes in and Riverdale Season 3 is already gripping af. Over the past few weeks, we've been blessed with all kinds of drama. First there was Archie's tense murder trial (in which he ended up going to jail), then there was the surprise return of fan favourite, Joaquin (justice for Joaquin and Kevin), and last, but not least, Ethel and Jughead shared a kiss (fans need to calm down).

That's not all though. Scene by scene, Riverdale's writers have been laying the ground work for the fact that 'Gryphons & Gargoyles' will play a huge role in Season 3. Last night, the 'Gryphons & Gargoyles' drama came to a head. First, Dilton and Ben died because of it, then Jughead tried playing it with Ethel to find out more about it, and now the entirety of Riverdale High has been exposed to the game.

What is 'Gryphons & Gargoyles' though?

Cole Sprouse as Jughead playing 'Gryphons & Gargoyles' in 'Riverdale' and the Gargoyle King
Cole Sprouse as Jughead playing 'Gryphons & Gargoyles' in 'Riverdale' and the Gargoyle King. Picture: The CW

As it stands, 'Gryphons & Gargoyles' appears to be a really dangerous version of 'Dungeons & Dragons'. Dangerous as in you will probably die if you play it dangerous. The rules aren't clear at the moment, but we do know that it involves the risk of drinking poison and it makes its players worship the mysterious Gargoyle King. Oh and all of the Riverdale parents used to play it.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa opened up about it to Entertainment Weekly saying: "The murder victims in the present were playing a game called 'Gryphons & Gargoyles', which is, of course, the Riverdale version of 'Dungeons & Dragons'. Our kids discover that when their parents were in high school they also were playing this game, and there was a similar murder". Oh my god.


Thankfully, it looks as though, we're going to get concrete answers next week. After playing 'Gryphons & Gargoyles' with Ethel in last night's episode, Jughead got his hands on the rulebook. FP and Alice then burnt it, but copies of the rules were mysteriously put in the lockers of every Riverdale High student. Next episode is a flashback in which we find out how 'Gryphons & Gargoyles' began.

Not only that, but all of our Riverdale faves will be playing the younger versions of their parents. So consider us shook.