Turns Out, Chic Cooper From "Riverdale" Was Once A Hot Topic Model

6 March 2018, 12:15

Hart Denton Hot Topic
Picture: The CW/Hot Topic

By Katie Louise Smith

Jared Leto who? This is the only Joker I recognise...

Ladies and gentlemen, I have gathered you here today to talk about Riverdale's Hart Denton. Hart expertly plays the suspicious Chic Cooper on Riverdale and up until a few months ago, he was a fairly unknown guy. He'd had a few on screen roles and modelling gigs, but none quite as big as Chic.

Yesterday, I made a startling discovery about our fave new cast member. As I was minding my business, scrolling my way around the internet yesterday, I stopped by Hot Topic to have a look at all the new merch they've been cooking up over there. At some point in my journey, I scrolled down to the bottom of a page and, well... it turns out, we HAD seen Hart on screen before.

More specifically, on our computer screens because he once shot an entire Suicide Squad cosplay lookbook for Hot Topic, dressed as the Joker.


Hart, who is signed to Next Models, was part of the huge Suicide Squad cosplay and clothing collection that launched at Hot Topic in 2016 - and he makes a pretty damn convincing Joker, don't you think?

Hart Denton The Joker Cosplay Hot Topic
Picture: Hot Topic

Here's one more for the road:

Hart Denton The Joker Cosplay
Picture: Hot Topic

Now, I don't know about you, but now I've seen this visual of Hart looking VERY terrifying as the Joker, I'm not sure I can trust Chic Cooper on Riverdale anymore. I've never been on the "Chic Is The Black Hood" bandwagon but now you mention it... he's defo got the potential to go full villain on us.

Riverdale, and your creepy boyfriend Chic Cooper, returns to The CW on March 7th and Netflix on March 8th.