Is Archie dead on Riverdale? Here's all the clues that prove KJ Apa will be back

17 January 2019, 13:31

By Katie Louise Smith

Archie Andrews appeared to be killed off on Riverdale leaving many viewers to worry that KJ Apa might be leaving the show for good but there's plenty of clues and spoilers that suggest he lives to fight another day.

Riverdale's mid-season premiere returned with a *roar* last night (literally) and ended with one of the biggest cliffhangers the show has ever thrown at us: the apparent death of one of the main characters...

Weeks ago, show-runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased that "Life goes on (for MOST of our series regulars)" in episode 9 (titled 'No Exit') and you know what, MAYBE HE WASN'T LYING AFTER ALL!? After an incredibly tense episode (featuring Heist Choni™, Hiram in a chic fur coat and a smooch to seal the deal between Veronica and Reggie), fans were left gobsmacked when our beloved Archie Andrews appeared to... die.

The episode closed with Archie's fate up in the air, leaving viewers to speculate over whether or not the acclaimed inventor of abdominal muscles would live to fight another day. So, is Archie Andrews actually dead? Is KJ Apa leaving Riverdale? Well, maybe not... because there's several hints and spoilers that prove Archie will survive. Let's investigate, shall we?

Does Archie die in Riverdale season 3?

Is Archie dead on Riverdale?
Is Archie dead on Riverdale? And is KJ Apa leaving Riverdale? Picture: The CW

Here's a quick recap of the episode, in case you haven't seen it yet: It's been five weeks since we left the (still unexplained) quarantined Riverdale and five weeks since Archie went on his Canadian walkabout with the show's most valuable and unproblematic character Vegas the dog.

Archie has been living in a cabin, communicating and working with some lovely Canadian rangers (?!), clearing the trails in the woods. One day, he heads out to... clear some trails and stumbles across some big ol' foot prints in the dirt. As he turns around, he's attacked by a Grizzly Bear and is left with three huge slash marks across his chest and left arm. Ah, how wonderful, another wound that will mysteriously disappear from Archie's torso in two episodes time. Love that. THANKFULLY and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Vegas was unharmed throughout this entire thing.

Anyway, blah blah blah, the episode goes on, Archie manages to alert the Nice Canadian Rangers™ on the radio and they set off to help him. He slips out of consciousness and goes on a series of hallucinations all revolving around his personal Gryphons and Gargoyles "quest". His final hallucination involves him killing himself. He does it, and then we're brought back to the present where Archie is lying in a pool of his own blood, pulse barely there, eyes wide open, with two very worried Nice Canadian Rangers™ standing over him.

But while it might look like Archie is a goner... there's plenty of proof to suggest that Archie (and KJ) will return to Riverdale in one piece. TO THE EVIDENCE BOARD!


Guys, it's safe to say that Archie is NOT dead. I mean, you never know with Riverdale but like, come on...

KJ Apa has been spotted numerous times on set since filming that episode and is still filming as of right now. (Same thing happened with Fangs and Jughead's apparent deaths and they turned out fine!) Archie also features heavily in the trailer for season 3b, which contains footage from around two or three future episodes... so don't count him out yet. Aguirre-Sacasa also dropped a teaser for episode 3x13 where "Archie steps back into the ring." So... I guess we have our answer?

If you needed any more proof that Archie will soon be back to fight another day, KJ has already been teasing Archie's arrival back in town. Speaking to Syfy Wire, he's spilled on how Archie ends up on a downward spiral following his return to Riverdale High "but is saved by a person and by music." (Josie... it's 98.9% Josie, FYI. Archosie is coming.)

There's also been tons of behind-the-scenes content of KJ and Ashleigh Murray together on set so unless all of that takes place in the wonderful mind of Josie McCoy, then you can probably put good money on the fact that Justin Gingerlake will live - albeit, with some injuries. One of the snaps uploaded by Ashleigh was a picture of KJ on set with bandages wrapped around both of his hands. No sign of those huge slash marks on his chest tho... 👀

And there you have it... hopefully, that's all the proof you need to sleep a little bit easier for the next week. Although, fans did notice that KJ was not listed on the press release as one of the main cast members that would be making an appearance in episode 10. Will we have to wait two weeks to find out Archie's fate?

Honestly, who knows anymore. And besides, after everything that's happened to Archie... Black Hood attacks, Hiram's mind games, the whole juvie-wide G&G game, the crazy farm girl... you really think they'd let him die after being slashed by a BEAR?! Please! My Red Paladin will die a hero, not alone in the woods.