'Riverdale' brought back Joaquin by surprise and the memes are hilarious

18 October 2018, 18:18

By Sam Prance

The Southside Serpent legedn returned to 'Riverdale' in last night's episode...

Joaquin is back.

We may only be two episodes into Season 3 of Riverdale but the hit teen show has already blessed us with more drama than most series conjure up in their entire airtime. In Episode 1, there was the surprise kidnapping of Hot Dog, Archie's infuriating decision to confess to a crime that he didn't commit and floating babies. Not to mention, there were also multiple murders related to the mysterious case of the Gargoyle King.

And Episode 2 was no different. With Archie now in the Leopold and Loeb detention centre, most of the action of this week's episode took place in jail. First things first we were introduced to Archie's new cell mate Mad Dog. At first, he seemed not to warm to Archie but eventually opened up a bit before reportedly dying in a prison riot? We don't buy it. Perhaps best of all though, Riverdale fave Joaquin returned.

Who plays Joaquin in Riverdale?

Joaquin (Rob Raco) is back in 'Riverdale'
Joaquin (Rob Raco) is back in 'Riverdale'. Picture: The CW

Longterm fans of the show will already know that Joaquin DeSantos (acted by the brilliant Rob Raco) is an iconic member of the Southside Serpents. Back in Season 1, he was an integral part of the plot of the series. Not only was he lowkey involved in the murder of Jason Blossom (he helped FP dispose of Jason's body) but he also dated Kevin Keller (a ship almost as great as Falice). Joaquin then leaves Riverdale to avoid being arrested.

Joaquin did return at the end of Season 2 to help Fangs escape an angry mob who thought that Fangs was responsible for Midge's murder but he got caught up in the midst of the commotion and we never found out what really happened to him. Fast forward to Season 3 and we've now learned that Joaquin was arrested that night and put in juvie. Archie sees him there. He spots him in the prison courtyard.

The exchange is pretty tense. Archie tries to impress the other Serpents in juvie but Joaquin outs Archie as a fake Serpent. He then tries to get Archie to stab a Ghoulie as a test of loyalty but Archie refuses. Obviously Joaquin is in the wrong but fans can't resist his bad boy image (who are we to judge?) and are just happy that he is back. Here are just a few of the hilarious memes and reactions.

Some are comparing Joaquin to Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls.


Why is this so true?

Others are getting a little bit hot under the collar.


You are not alone.

Joaquin really has no chill.


Archie struggled to come back from that one.

A lot of people are just thirsting...



...and getting into specific details.


We see no lies.

Last but not least, people including Rob Raco himself are complaining that Kevin is striking up a relationship with Moose when Joaquin exists.



In conclusion, fans are living for the fact that Joaquin is back but let's make sure that he and Kevin cross paths again please. It's what they deserve and we will not rest until they are reunited.