"Karma Is A Bitch" Challenge: The Latest 'Riverdale' Meme Taking Over Chinese Social Media

26 January 2018, 17:19 | Updated: 26 January 2018, 17:29

'Karma Is A Bitch' Meme
'Karma Is A Bitch' Meme. Picture: The Cw, Twitter

By James Wilson-Taylor

Chinese social media is blowing up with lipsynched videos featuring 'Riverdale' dialogue and the 2011 track 'Gucci Gucci'. Trust us, you'll all be doing it soon!

Riverdale, The CW's teen drama you love, or love to hate, has already given us its fair share of excellent memes. But the latest video craze, that some are calling the 'Karma Is A Bitch Challenge', takes fandom to a whole new level...

It all stems from a line uttered by Veronica Lodge in Season 2 Episode 6 where she says that "Karma's A Bitch":

So far, so Riverdale...

But, kids in China, for reasons we can't quite understand, have now taken this line of dialogue and begun filming themselves lipsynching to it while a remix of Kreayshawn's 2011 hit 'Gucci Gucci' plays in the background.

And the results are, it must be said, pretty magical:

Incredible scenes.

As you may have noticed, the meme involves throwing some cloth over your face and, ideally, an elaborate costume change too. It is already huge on Chinese social media site Weibo and we reckon you are going to be seeing this EVERYWHERE over the next couple of weeks so strap in.

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