Riverdale casts Kelly Ripa as Hiram Lodge’s mistress in season 3

7 November 2018, 12:47

By Katie Louise Smith

Kelly will be appearing as a guest star on the show where she'll play Mark Consuelos' mistress, Mrs Mulwray.

It looks like Riverdale's very own Hiram Lodge - aka Mark Consuelos - is turning the teen drama into his own family affair. First, his son Michael Consuelos was cast as a young Hiram in the upcoming flashback episode and now, his wife, and TV legend in her own right, Kelly Ripa will be joining the show in a very interesting role.

It was announced yesterday (Nov 7) that Kelly will be joining her husband on The CW show... as Hiram Lodge's "alleged" mistress. Yes, you ready that correctly. His mistress. (We knew it. And we are gagging.)

Kelly first broke the news after she shared a picture to Instagram alongside the caption: "It’s a family affair........Hiram’s mistress. 23 years of auditioning for a role i was born to play. Coming soon to the @thecwriverdale".

At first, fans of the show didn't know if it was legit or not, given the fact that Kelly has long since joked that she'd one day end up with a walk on part in the show - but after it was confirmed, everyone promptly lost their sh*t.

The cast all welcomed her to the show via Instagram, with Marisol Nichols commenting "I am beyond, beyond excited for this to happen," and Casey Cott hilariously saying "I feel like this character is the female figure Kevin Keller never had but always needed. Thank god she's finally here."

Kelly will guest star on the show as Mrs. Mulwray, a "beautiful, icy femme fatale" who is described as “confident and tough.” Mrs. Mulwray finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy that appears to be much bigger than she initially thought.

Of course, Kelly isn't the first Consuelos family member to join the cast. Mark and Kelly's son Michael will be making his on-screen debut as young Hiram Lodge in the much anticipated parent flashback episode ('The Midnight Club') and fans are already freaking out over how much he looks like his dad.

Michael Consuelos as young Hiram Lodge in Riverdale's flashback episode
Michael Consuelos as young Hiram Lodge in Riverdale's flashback episode. Picture: The CW

It's not yet been revealed when Kelly's Mrs Mulwray will show up on the show but the cast have wrapped filming on episode 10 ('The Stranger') so we'll probably be seeing Kelly on-screen mistress-ing away in her dream role with Hiram at some point in 2019. Maybe? Who knows?

But until then, let's play a game: How long until we find out Hiram has a secret child with Mrs Mulwray who arrives in town looking for their rightful cut of Lodge Industries? It's inevitable, isn't it? And we mean, there are two more Consuelos kids that haven't had their Riverdale glo-up yet...

Consuelosdale is rising.