Riverdale is likely to leave Netflix for a new streaming service

13 February 2019, 13:48 | Updated: 13 February 2019, 14:06

By Katie Louise Smith

Thanks to WarnerMedia's new streaming service, all your favourite shows could be leaving Netflix. But what will happen to Riverdale? Will Riverdale season 3 be on Netflix?

Time to start binge-watching your favourite episodes of Riverdale and stock piling screen-caps of Archie Andrews' abs now because we've got some bad news: the show will likely leave Netflix later this year.

When is the next episode of Riverdale season 3 on Netflix?

WarnerMedia, the company who owns The CW, is looking to start their own streaming service which means a lot of your favourite TV shows including Riverdale, Jane The Virgin, Supernatural, all the Arrowverse series and others like CBS' The Big Bang Theory and Warner Bros' Friends could all be removed from Netflix in favour of the new exclusive service.

Is Riverdale leaving Netflix?

Riverdale might be removed from Netflix following new WarnerMedia streaming service
Riverdale might be removed from Netflix following new WarnerMedia streaming service. Picture: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND / Stringer, The CW

According to reports from WarnerMedia's TCA winter tour, creative chief Kevin Reilly revealed that they're looking to keep all of their television shows on their in-house streaming service. "You can expect the crown jewels of Warner will ultimately end up on the new service,” Reilly said. “Sharing destination assets is not a good model. My belief is they should be exclusive to the service.”

According to TVLine, the licensing agreement between Netflix and Warner Brothers for the rights to The CW shows is up this spring. There's no specific date for the launch of the streaming service but we could expect an update on the whole situation - and the status of those shows on Netflix - when that agreement runs out.

Of course, that licensing agreement reportedly runs out just as Riverdale season 3 is expected to drop on Netflix in the US so... what's gonna happen to our favourite sexy murder town and all the hot teens and hot parents who live there?

Will Riverdale season 3 be on Netflix in the US?


Just like season 2, Riverdale season 3 in its entirety is scheduled to arrive on US Netflix at some point in May 2019, once the third season has ended on The CW. If the show is pulled from Netflix as a result of the streaming service, it might not even end up on there at all. (US viewers can still catch up on episodes on The CW app.)

While Riverdale's status on Netflix in the US is definitely in jeopardy, it's not yet known if it will have the same affect in the UK or internationally. Riverdale is billed as a 'Netflix Original' in the UK and some international regions but it still technically is a Warner Bros/The CW show. A deal is currently in place which means Netflix has the exclusive rights to air the latest episode hours after The CW but if no new deal is made, that could disappear too.

Don't you DARE take my Hot Dads of Riverdale™ away from me. DON'T YOU DARE!