Lili Reinhart Just Called Out A Magazine For Photoshopping Her And Camila Mendes' Bodies

9 March 2018, 11:54

Lili Reinhart Camila Mendes Photoshopped Cosmo Philippines
Picture: Cosmopolitan/Lili Reinhart/Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

"It's sad that you felt our bodies needed to be slimmed down. But Camila and I are beautiful. And you can't "fix" us."

Lili Reinhart took to Instagram yesterday (March 8) to call out a magazine for photoshopping hers and Riverdale co-star Camila Mendes' bodies in a photoshoot.

Lili and Camila did a cover shoot for Cosmopolitan back in February - and it was gorgeous. In the original US edition, their bodies were un-photoshopped but when the Philippines edition reposted the pictures on Instagram earlier this week, their waists were noticeably slimmed down.

When Lili found out, she took the opportunity to set the record straight in honour of International Women's Day and called out the unhealthy body image ideals that the irresponsible editing promotes to women across the world.

Lili shared the side by side images of the two different versions on Instagram:

Lili Reinhart Photoshopped
Picture: lili Reinhart / Instagram / Cosmopolitan Magazine
Camila Mendes Photoshopped
Picture: Lili Reinhart / Instagram / Cosmopolitan Magazine

After sharing the pictures, she wrote: "Camila and I have worked incredibly hard to feel confident and comfortable in the bodies that we have. It's an every day battle, sometimes. And to see our bodies become so distorted in an editing process is a perfect example of the obstacles we have yet to overcome. So we cannot stop fighting. Our battle has only just begun. We are fucking powerful, beautiful and strong... we aren't going to hide behind photoshop to conform to beauty standards.

That's why I'm calling out Cosmopolitan Philippines. It's sad that you felt our bodies needed to be slimmed down. But Camila and I are fucking beautiful. As is. And you can't "fix" us."

Lili closed the statement by thanking the US edition of Cosmo for not photoshopping their bodies to appear slimmer.

Cosmo Philippines have not yet issued a statement or apologised to Lili and Camila. They did, however, delete the pictures and turn off Instagram comments on their most recent posts, which hasn't gone down well with fans.