Betty Is Getting A New "Friend" On 'Riverdale' And We're Officially Worried For Her

27 June 2018, 17:23 | Updated: 3 July 2018, 12:08

Betty Cooper Riverdale
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

According to a new cast breakdown, Betty may be getting a new "omnipresent" and "odd" pal.

Riverdale is casting for some new season 3 characters and October could not come fast enough. A cult leader may be heading to the small town to shake things up plus a new character could spell trouble for Betty Cooper.

That Hashtag Show reports that classic Archie comics character, Evelyn Evernever is being cast for the upcoming season.

As per the casting breakdown received by That Hashtag Show, this is what Evelyn could be like in season 3.

[EVELYN EVERNEVER] Female, Late Teens – Early 20’s to play Late Teens, Open Ethnicity. Otherworldly, seemingly omnipresent, and a bit odd. She’s eager to befriend Betty, and is surprisingly insightful for her age, but may be hiding dark secrets about herself. (While not required, a possible direction for the role is a girl who is physically reminiscent of “Betty”.) MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR.

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Betty has had to deal with her fair share of drama these first two seasons and it doesn't look like she's getting a break anytime soon.

With an "omnipresent" new character who is eager to befriend Riverdale's girl-next-door, there's no telling what may be animating Evelyn's motives. Betty may be sweet but she has enemies (especially now that she's basically Serpent royalty).

Evelyn isn't coming to town on her own, though. Her father Edgar Evernever is guaranteed to insinuate himself into the Cooper household by gaining Alice's trust. Falice, we hardly knew ye.

Alice Riverdale
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Things in Riverdale were a bit of a mess last time we caught up with our favourite high schoolers. Hal Cooper was revealed to be The Black Hood, Polly is 1000% up to something, and Archie was last seen being perp walked out of the school gymnasium. Not to mention that whole saga with Betty's fake brother Chic (will the real Charles Cooper PLEASE stand up?)

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Could Evelyn Evernever's sudden appearance have anything to do with some of the drama that's going down in Riverdale? Based on the fact that Evelyn may try to mimic Betty's look, we can only guess that she's not in town to bake cookies and be everyone's friend.

We are OFFICIALLY on red alert.

Riverdale begins filming in July and returns to the CW October 10.