Riverdale revealed the Blossom family backstory and it's much darker than you thought

8 November 2018, 16:04 | Updated: 8 November 2018, 18:56

By Katie Louise Smith

The history of Riverdale's Blossom family has been shrouded in mystery for two and half seasons but we finally got to learn more about Penelope's past in the flashback episode and it's actually not what fans were expecting.

I think we can all agree that one of the most interesting parts of Riverdale is the deep histories behind all the families involved in the show. From the sinister history of the Cooper family serial killers to the dark mob-like ways of the Lodges, almost every family in town has a secret. And now it looks like we may have just got to the bottom of Riverdale's most notorious family, the Blossoms.

Fans have long since been confused with the backstory regarding the Blossom family. All this chat about Grandpappys and Cooper feuds and potential incest and everyone hating Cheryl for literally no reason, and yet, nothing really been disclosed so far. But in the latest episode, the brilliant beyond brilliant parent flashback episode, some of those burning questions were addressed - and it's not what we were expecting. It might even be way more f*cked up.

The Blossom family history was revealed on Riverdale and it's much darker than you thought
The Blossom family history was revealed on Riverdale and it's much darker than you thought. Picture: The CW

While in Saturday detention, Alice Smith, Hermione Gomez, Fred Andrews, Sierra Samuels, FP Jones and Penelope Blossom all sit around and play a game of 'Secrets and Sins', a game in which the group has to confess their deepest darkest secret.

When it comes around to Penelope, she reveals that she grew up at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy Orphanage. When she was eight, she recounts that the Blossom family showed up and asked to see all the redheaded children. She was then adopted by the family and raised as a sister to Clifford (and Claudius? No mention of Claudius by the way, which is... interesting.) before being groomed into becoming his 'life companion'. At the end of the episode, we see that Penelope (who has the maiden name Blossom through her adoption) has gone full Blossom and is now with Clifford. THUS BEGINS THE MAPLE SYRUP SMOTHERED DRAMA.

So, now we know that Penelope is not a Blossom By Blood™, what's going on with the rest of that damn family? Assuming that Clifford (and Claudius?!?) were born to the family, what about Nana Rose? Was she adopted and groomed to become a Blossom bride? Or is she a real one who appears to hate Penelope because she's not a real one? Or both? Were the Cooper side of the family wiped from the family tree for not being ginger enough? Was that the beef between the Grand Pappys? (Imagine!)

Was Cheryl adopted while Jason was born to Penelope and Clifford? There must have been a more solid reason why the pair were so favourable toward Jason and much harsher on Cheryl. If this is a long standing tradition with the women (and maybe even men) of the Blossom family, could Penelope despising Cheryl's true sexuality have played into the fact that she was brought into the family to produce an heir with a male companion? Was she mean about it because that exact same thing was instilled in Penelope as a child too? WHERE THEY GROOMING CHERYL TO BECOME JASON'S WIFE?

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY QUESTIONS? WHEN DID I START CARING ABOUT THE BLOSSOMS? Anyway, fans are just as confused and have a lot of questions themselves.

What do you think? Do we have a Blossom conspiracy theory on our hands? I think we might! Oh, and by the way... seven seasons of a Blossom spin-off drama is needed ASAP. There is too much maple syrup to spill and I need to see it all.