This "Riverdale" Theory About The FBI Agent's TRUE Identity Will Keep You Up At Night

19 January 2018, 14:33 | Updated: 19 January 2018, 15:14

Archie Riverdale
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Sorry, but this would be TOO MUCH.

Now that Riverdale 2b has commenced, avid fans have returned to their weekly routine of dissecting any clue that might bring them closer to solving the town's many mysteries.


When we last left our hero, young Archie Andrews had somehow found himself agreeing to aid the investigation of one "Special Agent Adams".

Agent Adams Riverdale
Picture: CW

Agent Adams tells Archie that he needs his help investigating the potential wrongdoings of Hiram Lodge. Now, fans are speculating a few things about this so-called FBI agent.

The MAIN theory is that he is isn't actually an FBI agent.

First of all, when you have the resources of the federal government at your finger tips, the power to subpoena witnesses, obtain phone records, and look into financial misdeeds, why would a credible agent enlist the help of a 16-year-old kid?

There is also the fact that this so-called Agent has FULL ON asked Archie to go undercover without so much as a courtesy call to Fred Andrews. Is that FBI protocol now?

Of course, there are other theories swirling around...

"Is this FBI agent just a figure of Archie's imagination cause there's no way an accomplished, certified FBI agent would think Archie was doing a good job at anything," wrote one Twitter user.

That brings us to the one possibility that would leave us well and truly shook for the rest of the season.

What if Agent Adams is in Archie's head?

Here's why this theory MIGHT actually check out.

• When they first meet, Special Agent Adams tells Archie that he "played ball with [his] dad" and "ran around with [his] dog" in the park when he was growing up in Riverdale. Archie plays football and also has a dog.

• Agent Adams and Archie Andrews both have first and last names that start with the letter 'A'.

• Agent Adams also says the words "I can protect your father," something that Archie has been specifically trying to do all season.

• Jughead's voice over at the end of the episode says, "and so, Archie, always trying to do the good and noble thing, took another step further into darkness."

Why would working with law enforcement to put a criminal away be considered "darkness"? Perhaps Jughead is making a subtle remark about Archie retreating further into himself in his quest to protect Fred and the rest of the town.

fbi agent 2
Picture: CW/Riverdale

Saying all this, Agent Adams could be ANYONE.

Some fans are convinced that the FBI agent is the REAL Chic Cooper. Others think he could be working for the St.Clairs, or worse...the Lodges. Whoever this guy is, it's become obvious to a lot of fans that Agent Adams definitely isn't who he says he is.