Toni, Josie and Kevin take centre stage in the trailer for Riverdale season 3, episode 12

31 January 2019, 13:25

By Katie Louise Smith

'Bizzarodale' finally sees the other teens get more screen time along with the parents in the trailer for Riverdale season 3, episode 12. Oh... and the Gargoyle King makes his grand return. Great.

Well, that didn't take long, did it? This week's Riverdale revealed who shot Hiram Lodge, exposed Hermione's game plan (and secret affair?!!), and finally explained all those weird female-only seizures that have been happening around the town but just when you thought things couldn't get ANY crazier, please welcome to the stage... 'Bizzarodale'.

IN A SHOCK TWIST, the next episode of Riverdale, airing on Wednesday 6th February, will focus on the other main cast members. Kevin, Josie, Toni, Reggie and Cheryl will all be the focus of 3x12, along with the parents who find themselves called to another unwelcome reunion of The Midnight Club at Riverdale High.

'Bizzarodale' also looks set to be the return of Jughead's mum Gladys Jones who has rocked up to Riverdale to engage in some shady business transactions with Veronica. Watch the trailer at the top of the page and then get ready for the deep dive.

Toni Topaz and Kevin Keller in Riverdale season 3, episode 12 'Bizzarodale'
Toni Topaz and Kevin Keller in Riverdale season 3, episode 12 'Bizzarodale'. Picture: The CW

Veronica and Reggie are in BIG trouble with Mama Lodge.

After they burned Hiram's drug business to the ground and cheated Hermione out of however much she was going to sell it for, it looks like our second favourite heist-duo Veggie will be back on their bullshit. (Choni will always be the #1 heist duo in Riverdale. I don't make the rules!)


Midnight Club 2.0

Finally, some Parentdale content! The Midnight Club (Alice, FP, Fred, Hermione, Hiram, Penelope, Sierra and Tom... and presumably Reggie's dad?) are summoned by another anonymous letter to "return to the school and finish the game" they played as teenagers. This is basically the plot of Jumanji, isn't it? Almost? Kinda?



Gladys Jones is back back back again and she's already had it with the amount of teenagers she's had to deal with in Riverdale. It looks like a business deal with Veronica is what's brought her back into the fold and, given recent events, does this mean that Gladys is about to buy and take over Hiram's drug trade?!



Kevin and Moose are STILL playing Gryphons and Gargoyles and it looks like they take things too far when they both end up in the woods with a chalice full of Fresh Aid and Cyanide mix. Oh, and the Gargoyle King is back! GREAT. SO TALL BOY WAS ANOTHER DECOY THEN!?


Cheryl's on a mission.

Cheryl seems to be having a big one in this episode. In the synopsis, she's listed as learning "some unexpected news about the college she has set her sights on," she gets called out by Toni for something AND she's running through the woods with Sheriff Jones, Sheriff Keller and her beloved TT. Is she singlehandedly about to save Kevin and Moose from the GK!?


Veggie is... rising...

It's happening, boys. Veronica's bedroom. Veggie's first time. (Honestly, the amount of hours Camila Mendes spends filming sex scenes is getting out of hand.) It's also not the only scantily clad bedroom scene that happens this episode... Bughead? At it again. Tom and Sierra? Doing it. Moose and Kevin in the bunker? Probably.


Oh... and Reggie gets shot.

Can everyone just stop getting shot on this show PLEASE?! I AM BEGGING YOU.