What happens in Riverdale 3x21? Jughead discovers who the Gargoyle King is

2 May 2019, 12:31 | Updated: 2 May 2019, 14:44

By Katie Louise Smith

Betty and Cheryl get into BIG trouble at the Farm and Hiram fights Archie in the ring in the trailer for Riverdale season 3, episode 21.

This is it... the final two episodes of Riverdale season 3 are upon us and things! are! getting! SPICY! Episode 20 confirmed that the Gargoyle King is back and he won't stop until he's ruined everyone's lives, but who is he? And what is up with Hal Cooper returning as the Black Hood and almost killing Betty?

The next episode of Riverdale, titled 'The Dark Secret of Harvest House', will air on Wednesday May 8th.

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The synopsis for the episode reads: "Veronica turns to Mary and Archie for help after uncovering a secret that Hiram had been keeping from her. Betty raises questions after witnessing some strange activities at The Farm. Jughead finds himself one step closer to uncovering the Gargoyle King’s identity."

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Molly Ringwald returns for a second week as Mary Andrews, who will be stepping into the storyline in place of Luke Perry's Fred Andrews.

What happens in Riverdale 3x21? Watch the extended promo trailer above.

Ethel tells Jughead who the Gargoyle King is in Riverdale 3x21 trailer
Ethel tells Jughead who the Gargoyle King is in Riverdale 3x21 trailer. Picture: The CW

Hiram vs. Archie? I think I hear sum'n!

If you had told me at the start of season 3 that the climax of the Hiram and Archie feud storyline would be a sweaty, bloody, shirtless boxing match, I would have laughed in your God damn face. AND YET...

All of this is likely tied to the fact that Hiram has been scamming Veronica this whole time over the ownership of Pop's and La Bonne Nuit. As Archie and Veronica team up, it looks like Archie sets Hiram an ultimatum.

If Archie wins, Hiram has to walk away from Riverdale! But if Hiram wins? Idk, I guess, Archie like, dies or something?! A fair deal.


The Farm <3's Betty

In episode 20, we saw Betty join the Farm as a means of protection after her father Hal aka the Black Hood (or maybe he's the Black Hook now?!) escaped from prison.

After finally getting what he wanted, Edgar begins to pull Betty into the farm with a quick stress test and a bit of hypnosis. But as always, things go horrifyingly wrong for Betty and she finds herself uncovering some creepy AF stuff. It also looks like she discovers a weird room that looks like an abattoir (clock the blood on those shutters). Are they... are they harvesting organs or something?! Body parts?! AND ALSO, WHO IS DRAGGING HER ACROSS THE FLOOR?!


Ethelhead are back in business.

Without Betts by his side, Jughead continues to investigate the recent reappearance of the Gargoyle King. He finds himself back at the abandoned South Side school bus, this time with some boy scouts and Ethel, who has literally been missing for 84 years. Thanks for turning up.

She's still on her Gargoyle King bullshit but this time, she's ready to spill the tea on his identity. She tells Jughead who it is and Jughead is SHOOK! Who could it be?! Well, judging by Jug's reaction, it's definitely either someone who we would NEVER suspect and/or someone who has been presumed dead this whole time. Chic? Clifford? Hermione? Vegas? Hot Dog?!


Hal Cooper knows what you did last summer.

HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE, THE BLACK HOOD IS BACK. Hal, who has now escaped jail and has a hook for a left hand, locates the whereabouts of what looks suspiciously like the Shady Man's car that Betty and Jughead pushed into Sweetwater River back in season 2.

Hal knows about what happened to the Shady Man. And it looks like he might be about to use that against Betty for his own gain. Wow, what a piece of shit. Honestly.


Cheryl gets abducted (!?) and Toni is on the run (?!).

I don't know what's going here but judging by what we've seen in the behind-the-scenes shots from the cast members, a Farm escape is definitely afoot.

Cheryl started acting up about whether or not the Farm was all it was cracked up to be in episode 20 and it seems like she's still not 100% about it.

During the night, Cheryl looks like she gets caught trying to escape while Toni (who is wearing a white dress??) manages to make it out into the forest. But who catches her? It's definitely a Farmie... he's totally wearing a white shirt. Oh god, another ceremony is happening, isn't it? HELP!


Riverdale returns on Wednesday May 8th.