Riverdale deleted a huge Alice and FP scene from the mid-season finale

19 December 2018, 17:30

By Katie Louise Smith

Despite teasing that Alice and FP's relationship would heat up in season 3, fans haven't seen much of it...

The mid-season finale of Riverdale season 3 wrapped up 2018 with a bang. From the wild revelation behind Hiram's involvement with the Gargoyle King to Betty's escape from the Sisters and the arrival of Jughead's already iconic (and savage) mum and sister, Gladys and Jellybean Jones, the show is truly delivering on all the drama we were promised over the summer.

Well, it's delivering on everything except the much anticipated relationship between Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick) and FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich) that was teased ahead of season 3. At the start of the season, it seemed like we were finally gonna see our favourite Hot Riverdale Parent™ ship set sail but their scenes together have been few and far between.

As loyal fans of Riverdale will know, the show films a lot of scenes but not all of them make it into the final episode and unfortunately, it looks like Falice is the latest victim. Following a few tweets from Mädchen, it's now been revealed that a scene between Alice and FP had been deleted from the episode - and it sounded like a big one.

A huge Falice scene was cut from Riverdale's mid-season finale
A huge Falice scene was cut from Riverdale's mid-season finale. Picture: The CW

When asked by a fan to tease an upcoming Falice scene on Twitter back in November, Mädchen delivered and replied with a series of pretty revealing emojis. Two snakes, a bed, a coat, a kiss and a phone. Wig. Truly. The moment we've all been waiting for.

Initially, there was no confirmation about which episode the scene was from, but following the mid-season finale ('Outbreak'), she tweeted (and later deleted) an apology to the Falice shippers, saying that she had no idea that they had cut the scene from the episode.

In the now deleted tweet, she wrote: "Sorry that I led our #falicedom astray... I wasn't aware that they had cut another #falice scene from this latest episode..."

Judging by those emojis, it looks like the scene may have involved Alice and FP in bed together when Gladys called to say that Jughead was in Toledo. It also sounds like the long-awaited kiss between the two was also featured in the scene. (But none of that is confirmed, obviously. We'll have to wait to see the scene on the DVD extras. If it's on there...)

Understandably, fans are pressed about the removal of such an important scene especially since it seemed like it could have been a really pivotal moment that would've cemented Falice as a high stakes relationship. Of course, the arrival of FP’s estranged wife Gladys has been teased as a huge wrench in Alice and FP's relationship but with barely any emotional development seen on screen between the two (seriously, it's been well over 3 months since the season 2 finale according to the timeline), what exactly is she meant to be breaking up when she rolls back into town?

A few hours later, Mädchen clarified the situation again and tweeted a reassuring message to the shippers, urging them not to worry about the storyline between Alice and FP:

While it sucks, deleting scenes is part and parcel of making a TV show. Hours and hours of footage is filmed, and unfortunately, some of those scenes have to get the chop. Sometimes they don't fit in with the narrative or the pacing of the episode. In this case, the scene could have been cut to make FP's appearance in Toledo more of a surprise for the audience, and to show that Alice was more focused on Betty. (But again, that's all unconfirmed, of course.)

Sometimes scenes are also cut so that the storyline can be explored at a later date. In fact, we’ve just seen that happen with Choni. In season 2, Madelaine Petsch revealed there was a cut scene that involved Toni moving in with Cheryl. In season 3, episode 8, Cheryl asks Toni to move in with her in a tender moment that was way better than what was deleted in season two.

So even though we're about to head into the harsh winter hiatus without so much as a handshake between Alice and FP, their storyline is far from over and we can probably (hopefully) expect more romance - and a HELL of a lot more drama - to come in season 3.

Honestly, this is turning out to be longest slow burn of my life.