27 unanswered questions from Riverdale season 3 that'll keep you up at night

17 May 2019, 19:12 | Updated: 20 May 2019, 21:13

By Katie Louise Smith

If Riverdale doesn't answer these question in season 4 then they will be hearing from my lawyer.

It's over. We're free. And I never wanna hear the words "Gargoyle King" ever again. Riverdale season 3 finally came to a spectacular close, revealing the mastermind behind the Gryphons and Gargoyles game that plagued the town and tying up several storylines spanning the entire series in one go. (They really came through on that unexpected Charles Smith reveal, huh?)

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That said, it wouldn't be a season of Riverdale if it didn't leave us hanging on a handful of plot points. The show has copped a bit of a reputation for plot holes, dropped storylines and things that make absolutely no sense and ya know what, season 3 was no exception.

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Here's every single question - both serious and extremely not so serious - that Riverdale season three left unanswered:

Questions that Riverdale season 4 needs to answer
Questions that Riverdale season 4 needs to answer. Picture: The CW

1) First of all, what the hell happened to Jughead?

Ok so, the lead up to that ominous moment in the final scene of season 3 is no doubt going to be the focus of season 4 but seriously, where is Jughead? Why are they covered in blood? Why are they burning their clothes? Why is Veronica so upset? Why are they wearing the same underwear from season 3, episode 1 when they jump in the river? WHAT DID THEY DO?!

2) If Nana Rose knew about Penelope's plan this whole time, why did she never say anything?

I thought Nana was like, super chill with both Choni and hated Penelope? And yet she never thought to let them know about P's Gargoyle schemes? Not once? I'm not mad, Nana Rose, I'm just... disappointed.

3) Where have The Farm actually ascended to?

Did everyone just barrel into an Uber and head to the next town? Did they go underground? Also, did they go NAKED? What are they wearing if all their white clothes were left in that room with Kevin? And why did only like, 15 people ascend? Everyone else was really that unworthy, huh?

4) Where is Dagwood?!

Oh, wait, I'm sorry... Where is Jason Jr? The last we saw of him, Penelope had taken him from the Sisters. Assuming that she never left him in the care of Nana Blossom, does that mean she's taken him and is now on the run? Or is he with Sister Woodhouse at the hunting lodge? Hello, child services!

5) At what point in time did Alice join forces with the FBI?

First of all, I just wanna thank not only God but also Jesus for this plot twist. Alice BEEN Smith this whooole time, and not actually a brainwashed puppet (more on the implications of that later...) But like, how far into the cult was she before she became an informant? Was she ever even a little bit in the cult for real? Did she attend one ceremony and say "get that fire exit door open, I'm off?" Or did she agree to join the Farm for the FBI? Basically, what I'm trying to say is: What came first, the Farm or the FBI?

6) How and when did Alice find Charles?

After that WHOLE storyline in season 2, we didn't even get to see Alice meet her actual son for the first time. Wow. Ok. Rude. But that issue aside, how did she even meet him? Did she find him before the cult? Did she contact the FBI? Did he find her? Also, does this mean Charles was the reason that she "opened up" to the possibility of her and FP being together again over the summer? BRB, crying!

7) How will Betty react to undercover FBI informant Alice putting her through all that emotional stress?

As a day one Alice ride-or-die, I'm allowed to be critical of her, so when I say this, know that I say it with unwavering love: Alice, what - and I cannot stress this enough - the absolute FUCK?! I KNOW what an informant is and I KNOW she did what she had to do (for Polly) but that whole plot twist was savage. Can't wait to hear the conversation between Alice and Betty about that almost lobotomy. Anyway, at least those potential accessory to murder charges have probably been handled and that college money didn't actually go anywhere. THANKS MOM!

8) If the FBI knew about the organ harvesting, why did they take so damn LONG?

I know Betty already asked this question but Kevin really lost a whole kidney over this. He has one god damn kidney now. I hope they're gonna pay for his medical bills.

9) Does Betty really have a serial killer gene or was Alice lying about that too?

Also, who gets a gene test for an 8-year-old kid who fell off a bike?

10) Does FP know about the involvement of the FBI with The Farm?

You know what doesn't make sense... the fact that the Sheriff of a town inhabited by an organ-harvesting cult never tried to investigate what was happening over there. Unless, of course, he already knew and left the FBI to sort it out. (Unlikely, but you never know.)

But if he didn't, what was the reason? Betty didn't raise any flags to her boyfriend's Sheriff dad about her mum? Not once? I get that he had other things on his plate with his drug-dealing wife and Gargoyles but... HE'S NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO WORKS AT THAT SHERIFF STATION, YOU KNOW.


11) What was the beef that Penny had with FP (and now apparently Gladys)?

Penny's undying grudge against the Joneses was first mentioned in season 2, episode 7 and brought back up by Gladys in season 3, episode 8. Penny says that FP broke a promise and Gladys implies that the beef has been around for quite a while. SO WHAT IS IT? TELL ME. PLEASE.

12) What was the reason for Gladys not letting Jughead come to Toledo in season one?

Jughead brings up the fact that Gladys rejected him after FP went to jail and she says that it was a "different time." Seeing as we now know what she's like, I just wanna know what kind of scheme she was running back then too.

13) Where did Gladys and Penny learn to fight like that?

The Kill Bill Deadly Viper Assassination Squad fight outsold any and all of Archie's boxing matches. But seriously, who taught them that? Is there like, a martial arts fighting class that all Serpent girls attend after manning the Whyte Wyrm bar at the weekends? Can Alice fight like that? (I would like to see it!) This is exactly why we need a whole Serpent spin-off.

14) Why was it only the girls who were having seizures from the run-off of Sweetwater river?

Penelope explained the reasoning behind the seizures - it was the run off from Hiram and Claudius' Fizzle Rocks production that was pumped into the river - but, why did it only affect the girls? (Unless that reason already got revealed and I missed it?)

15) And why was Evelyn so suspicious and curious about the seizures?

Was she getting hype in case one of them died so she could snatch their kidneys or...?

16) When did Alice and FP actually get together?

Look, I think it's a hate crime that the official reunion of Falice was taken so cruelly from us given their history. When did it start? How did it start? And who started it? (It is very important that we find out this information. It's for an FBI project I'm working on. Please provide footage if you have it.)

They had to have been together long enough for Alice to ask FP if he loved her, right? Could their relationship have coincided with Alice meeting Charles, which drove her back to FP? I NEED ANSWERS AND I NEED THEM NOW.

17) Do Val and Melody even go to this school anymore?

Genuine question. Answer. QUICKY.

18) Is Archie gonna have to resit the year seeing as he walked out of the SATs?

I know we saw him in that flash forward that takes place during spring break of senior year but... he went to school for like a week.

19) What's the history between Alice and Gladys?

Alice was pretending to be all zen and brainwashed at the time so her reaction is excused but Ms Smith also spent the last twenty years slandering the South Side and the Jones family at every opportunity she could, and you're telling me that that was Gladys' muted reaction to seeing her? Don't believe you.

20) So wait, were Hiram and Penelope both in on this together? Or was Hiram cashing in off Penelope's scheme?

We know that Penelope was part of Hiram's villain squad but did she concoct the G&G plan with him or did he see an opportunity to use the game to target Archie and ride the wave - like he did with the Black Hood? In the finale, Penelope reveals that she's been working with Hal Cooper for a big ol' revenge plot on the town but she doesn't mention anything about Hiram despite being his associate. Hiram had his own game in play at the same time so, what's the tea?


21) Speaking of Hiram's villain squad, where did Malachai go?

Did he die? Did I miss it?

22) Why haven’t the twins aged?

Has Polly been feeding them anti-aging oolong tea this whole time?

23) Where is Hot Dog?

Literally hasn't been seen since FP's birthday. Like the Direwolves in Game of Thrones, maybe there's only budget for one dog on Riverdale?

24) Where is Sweet Pea?

Jordan Connor, who plays Sweet Pea, was filming another TV show during the last few episodes so that can't be helped. But you think they'd have explained why Sweet Pea wasn't around to help spring Fangs out of the cult, no? WHERE IS HE?

25) When Betty kidnapped and chloroformed Alice, how did she get her down into the bunker on her own?

I know Alice has a lot to explain to Betty when they find her but Betty is gonna have to explain how she drugged and then proceeded to literally push her own mother down a hole with a 10ft drop onto solid concrete.

26) If FP is 50 years old, does that mean all the parents are 50?

This is the biggest plot hole that Riverdale season 3 left us with (and you can read the whole confusing mess here.) In the 1992 flashback episode, the parents are all 16/17 and in junior year. Alice gave birth to Charles in senior year. Charles is meant to be 25 years old (give or take a few years) which means the parents (who were all in the same year) should be around 43/44.

If all the parents are 50, fine. It still doesn't make any sense to the timeline but fine. If FP is the only one who is 50, then that means he was 25 in high school and knocked up a 16 year old? IT DON'T ADD UP, SIS!

27) Did they ever wash the sheets in the sex bunker?

This is perhaps the most important unanswered question of them all.