Cole Sprouse wants more of a "season one Jughead" in Riverdale season 4

3 April 2019, 15:10 | Updated: 3 April 2019, 16:24

By Katie Louise Smith

Cole Sprouse reveals what he'd like to see coming up for Jughead in the next season of Riverdale.

After weeks and weeks of drama, murder, gargoyles, rescue missions, bear attacks, drug dealing mothers, cults and one measly school exam, Riverdale season 3 is coming to a close. The season 3 finale is set to air on The CW on May 15 which means we've only got a handful of episodes left before we start to look ahead to season 4's mysteries and shenanigans.

Riverdale season 4: news, spoilers, release date, cast, trailers and everything you need to know

We don't know much about what's going to happen in season 4 just yet, but Cole Sprouse already has something in mind in regards to Jughead's future.

PopBuzz spoke with Cole over the phone ahead of the release of his new movie Five Feet Apart and we asked him about where he'd like to see Jughead's story go heading into season 4. And to be honest, he has some pretty perfect ideas.

Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones in Riverdale season 3
Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones in Riverdale season 3. Picture: The CW

"I think there's a lot of potential and a lot of interesting narratives this season in the form of FP and Jughead teaming up and playing the True Detective crime investigator father/son duo," he said. "I think there's something really enjoyable about Jughead being the brain and FP being the brawn of that investigation. That's something I'd personally like to see going into season 4."

Over the past few episodes, the Jones father/son investigative duo has really come to the forefront of the show and the dynamic between Cole and Skeet Ulrich on-screen has been one of the stand outs of season 3. More of that in season 4? Yes please!

Cole also said that he'd love to see Jughead go back to his season 1 roots, where he was a little more of a brooding and quiet figure.

"I think Jughead asking himself how his family has affected him is what I'd kind of like to see. But I also think I'd love to see a Jughead that feels kind of like a season one Jughead, which is much more of a quiet sort of monologue side."

Of course, none of this is confirmed but we're totally down with Cole's suggestions. As for whether or not season 4 will see him singing again? "If it makes sense for the character, it makes sense for the character. But I could spent the rest of my life not singing on screen and being totally content with that."

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