Riverdale season 4 soundtrack: Every song featured by episode

17 October 2019, 11:37 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 21:16

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From the cast performances to the tracks featured on the show, here's every song from Riverdale season 4 – including Billie Eilish and Ed Sheeran.

From the soundtrack to all the performances at La Bonne Nuit and the school musical numbers (Cole Sprouse singing 'Seventeen', can I get an AMEN?!), Riverdale has cemented itself as a show with one of the best soundtracks on TV right now.

Riverdale's soundtrack has seen a bit of a shift from the days of season 1. The first season was jam packed with low-key alternative pop tracks while season 3 featured some of the biggest hits from the past two years like 5SOS's 'Youngblood' and Billie Eilish's 'when the party's over'.

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With season 4 said to be taking on more of season 1's tone and vibe, it's possible we could find ourselves returning back to more of that similar distinctive sound.

Here's every song featured in Riverdale season 4, including all the cast performances and musical numbers:

Riverdale season 4 soundtrack: Every song by episode
Riverdale season 4 soundtrack: Every song by episode. Picture: The CW

Riverdale season 4, episode 1 songs - 'In Memoriam'

1) Madeon - 'All My Friends'

This song plays at the beginning of the episode as Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead are working on their July 4th float after Cheryl sees the news in the newspaper.

2) Ashleigh Murray - 'Amazing Grace'

This is performed by Josie as Fred's casket is carried to his final resting place.

3) Arlo Guthrie - 'I'm Going Home'

This song plays at the end of the episode as Archie and Mary walk out in to the backyard of the Andrews house as Cheryl starts the firework display.

Riverdale season 4, episode 2 songs - 'Fast Times at Riverdale High'

1) Billie Eilish - 'COPYCAT'

This song plays during the Varchie and Bughead sex montage at the Pembrooke.

2) The Archies - 'Archie's Party'

This song plays as Cheryl and Toni walk through the hallways of Riverdale High declaring their back-to-school party before confronting new principal Mr Honey.

3) Ed Sheeran ft. Chance the Rapper & PnB Rock - 'Cross Me'

This song is played at Cheryl's house party.

4) MARKS - 'Boom'

This song plays in the background as Betty finds Kevin in a bedroom at Cheryl's house party.

5) Camila Mendes - 'All That Jazz' (from Chicago)

This song is performed by Veronica at La Bonne Nuit just before she gives a press conference about her parents.

Riverdale season 4, episode 3 songs - 'Dog Day Afternoon'

1) Done Again - 'Car Wash' (In the style of Rose Royce)

This song plays during Veronica's shirtless car wash fundraiser outside Pop's.

2) Klergy - 'Endgame'

This song plays as Betty and Alice escape the motel room at The Farm after knocking Evelyn unconscious.