'Riverdale' Season 3: All The Behind-The-Scenes Spoilers, Pictures And Videos From The Cast

11 December 2018, 16:07 | Updated: 11 December 2018, 16:11

By Katie Louise Smith

Production on the third season of Riverdale has officially started, and here's all the behind the scenes spoilers straight from the casts' Instagram accounts.

Get ready for a whole new round of Riverdale content because the cast are BACK and they're sharing sneak peaks (and spoilers) from behind the scenes of your favourite TV show.

Production officially started on the third season of the show on Friday July 6th. The cast and crew all headed back to Vancouver, where the show is filmed, ready to start work on the new season. And judging by the snaps that have been shared on set so far, it looks like it's going to be a HUGE season.

From the new cast members to Betty's apparent trip to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, here's literally all the snaps and videos that the cast has shared on the set of the third season so far, complete with a few spoilers and hints at upcoming storylines:

Riverdale Behind the scenes Pictures and spoilers
Picture: Lili Reinhart/Camila Mendes/Instagram

Well well well, what do we have here? The Farm? At the Sisters of Quiet Mercy? In the very chamber in which the Gargoyle King is said to be in? I'm shook, truly.

On December 10, Mädchen Amick posted a picture to Instagram of the "Farmies" in all their white ritualistic clothing, standing behind what looks like a baptism bath (?!??). But more importantly, they're in the very chamber in which Betty was thrown into at the end of episode 7. Does this prove that the Sisters, The Farm and Gargoyle King are all linked? Or are they just renting a space to do their baptisms?

Riverdale's Farm cult appears to having links to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy
Riverdale's Farm cult appears to having links to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Picture: @MadchenAmick via Instagram/The CW

It's a Jones family reunion! Gina Gershon went live on Instagram with the whole Jones squad (Skeet Ulrich, Cole Sprouse and Trinity Likins), which is (we think) the first time we've seen them all in one place!

The fam were on set shooting either episode 12 or 13 but either way, it looks like Gladys will be well and truly back in town at the start of 2019, causing trouble and ruining everyone's lives. (And by everyone, I mean Alice, FP and probably Betty, too...)


Your first look at Jellybean Jones has arrived! Played by 13-year-old actress Trinity Rose Likins, Jellybean is set to appear in the December 12 episode (which is the mid-season finale) and won't be back until 3x12, which is the episode they are currently filming (as of Nov 19.)

In a series of pics and videos shared on Instagram by her on-screen mum Gina Gershon, it looks like Jellybean is the spitting image of her brother Jughead - complete with a denim borg jacket AND beanie hat. I'm honestly crying. She looks so perfect.

Say hello to Mama Jones! We've long been knew that Jughead's mother and sister would be making their way to Riverdale in season three and now, we've got faces to go with the names: Gina Gershon will be playing the role of Gladys Jones while newcomer Trinity Rose Likins will play Jug's younger scam-artist sister Jellybean "JB" Jones.

Gina has already been sharing pics from the set alongside her on-screen son Cole Sprouse. And by the looks of things, Gladys (who owns a scrapyard that also doubles as a Serpent compound) is going to be iconic. She's got face tattoos, guys. FACE TATTOOS.

Uhhhhhh, question: is Betty about to get admitted to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy? Fans have been sleuthing left right and centre as the cast film episode 8 of the third season, (it's called 'Outbreak' by the way...) and judging by some of the behind the scenes snaps from the actors and the set designers, it looks like we're heading back to our least favourite place in Riverdale.

Admittedly, it's a little hard to tell BUT there's a few Instagram stories where Lili Reinhart has strategically tried to hide her costume but ultimately failed at the hands of the incredible sleuthing skills from the fandom. Mädchen Amick has also teased a lil SOQM action on Instagram which begs the question... why is Alice back at the Sisters? Is Betty there undercover? Are they tag teaming for an investigative sleuth? Has she sent Betty there herself? Is it for protection against the Gargoyle King? WHAT IS HAPPENING? PLEASE SEND HELP.

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we've bagged ourselves a new Hot Parent™ - say hello to Reggie's dad, played by actor Matt Yang King.

While it hasn't been announced that the mystery man standing on the left of the picture is Mr Mantle, the Instagram caption and the comment from Charles Melton on the post saying "...Dad..?" gives it away anyway.

As of 15/08, filming has begun on the fourth episode of the third season which will be the parent's flashback episode. The core four will be portraying the younger versions of their parents for the hour, with Mark Consuelos' real son Michael stepping to play young Hiram.

The first cast member to share a cheeky glimpse at their parental makeover was KJ Apa, who posted a pic to Instagram yesterday (Aug 14) of himself with brown hair looking EXACTLY like a young Luke Perry. Suddenly I'm all in on the teens playing younger versions of their parents????

KJ Apa as Young Fred Andrews On Riverdale
Picture: @kjapa via Instagram/FOX

It also looks like we're going to be finding out the location of everyone's Serpent tattoos this season too. Vanessa Morgan, Skeet Ulrich and Mädchen Amick have now shared snaps of their previously unseen ink on Instagram.

Both Toni and FP's tattoos are on the same side of their ribs but it looks like FP has his own vintage version of the iconic tat - along with Alice, who has a matching one on her hip/upper thigh. Don't know about you, but we can't wait to see the scene in which we get a glimpse of them both for the first time, in all their serpent-y glory... 👀

Toni Topaz FP Jones Serpent Tattoo Riverdale
Picture: @vanessamorgan/@skeetme1 via Instagram

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: FALICE ARE INDEED BACK ON THEIR BULLSHIT. Skeet, Mädchen and known Falice stan Marisol Nichols all shared BTS pics on Instagram during the filming for Archie's court trial.

Mädchen also teased a new rock on Alice's ring finger but what could it be? Bearing in mind that FP is still married (ugh, such a shame) it doesn't seem to be an 'engagement' ring from him... but that doesn't mean it's not just a ~nice~ ring that he gave her. At Comic Con, Amick did tease that it was a 'replacement' ring... The rock looks like a crystal though - could it something to do with the "new age healing guru" that's supposedly helping Alice cope with the events of the end of season 2? The plot thickens...

Riverdale Behind The Scenes FP and Alice
Picture: Skeet Ulrich/Mädchen Amick/Marisol Nichols via Instagram

The first thing you see when entering heaven’s gate

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The entire cast, including the beloved Pop Tate, were present for the shooting of the courtroom scene. Robin Givens (who plays Sierra McCoy) shared this snap of herself, Molly Ringwald (Mary Andrews) and Penelope Ann Miller who has joined the cast as the prosecutor in Archie's murder trial.

Cheryl's duties as a member of the Serpents look to be in full swing. Madelaine Petsch has been on Instagram stories shooting scenes with Vanessa Morgan (Toni Topaz), Jordan Connor (Sweet Pea) and Drew Tanner (Fangs). And yes, the red leather jacket is finally getting the screen time it deserves.

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Camila Mendes shared a video of a shirtless KJ Apa in the make up trailer, who appears to be seconds away from getting a Southside Serpent tattoo transferred onto his body. Ummm, is Archie about to join the newly crowned Serpent King Jughead in the gang? Or have the Serpents offered him some form of protection for when he spends some time in jail?

The Hot DILFs of Riverdale™ are also back on the scene, all suited and booted for what is presumably Archie's court case?!

The iconic Riverdale sign also looks to have been vandalised. Given the teasers about a certain 'Gargoyle King' that's about to start terrorising the town (suddenly I miss the Black Hood???), it looks like he's already made his mark. Do those symbols have anything to do with the 'Griffins and Gargoyles' game that is about to ruin the lives of everyone who's ever played it? Probably...

Happy Friday the 13th from #Riverdale.

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It also sounds like a spoiler might have leaked during one of KJ Apa's Instagram stories... In the background of the video below from the table read, you can hear a voice mention something about a baby and then "Or once she collapses..." Is someone collapsing?! WHO IS COLLAPSING? It sounds like it's someone who has a baby or is holding one... 👀

The first table read involved the majority of the main cast. Both Charles Melton and Luke Perry, who are also main cast members, were not present at the table read, presumably because they're currently both working on other projects.

The first episode of season three also looks like it will feature a huge pool party at the newly renovated Thornhill. All the younger cast members have been sharing snaps and videos from the location, dressed in bathrobes with bathing suits underneath.

This is an ad for bathrobes.

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The Cooper women are also back in business and it looks like Alice has already embraced Polly's spiritual 'farm' lifestyle thanks to her new wardrobe and considerably more laid-back hairstyle. Cult!Alice is rising, y'all...

Don't know what these three are up to but I desperately need to be part of it.

Dad Sandwich

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We'll update you with more as soon as we see them!