QUIZ: Which South Side Serpent Should You Date?

28 September 2018, 21:33

South Side Serpent Boyfriend Quiz
Picture: Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

So many Serpents, so little time...

Riverdale is almost back on our screens with its long-awaited third season and by the sounds of things, it is really about to be the year of the freakin' snake. (No, seriously, even Archie is getting in on the Serpent action now...)

As you may know, it's suddenly become all the rage for Northsiders to start shacking up with their secret (or not so secret) Serpent lovers so guess what, kids? It's time for YOU to get a Serpent boyfriend or girlfriend of your own! Who's it gonna be? Will you end up as Serpent Queen, Serpent Princess or just a casual Serpent Bae? Only one way to find out...