There Is A HUGE Connection Between 'Riverdale' And 'The Vampire Diaries' And You Probably Missed It

8 February 2018, 12:14

The Vampire Diaries/Riverdale
The Vampire Diaries/Riverdale. Picture: The CW

By James Wilson-Taylor

A very familiar looking sight has now popped up in both of The CW's popular drama series.

Eagle-eyed fans of The CW's teen drama lineup may have spotted a HUGE connection between Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries.

Bustle reports that director Julie Plec, who has worked on both shows, was first to realise that there was something very familiar about one of the major sets she was working on...

Blossom Manor/Salvatore House
Blossom Manor/Salvatore House. Picture: Riverdale, The CW

Turns out Blossom Manor is the same building used for the Salvatore House in The Vampire Diaries pilot ep:

"When we pulled up the driveway for the location scout to go see it, I was like, 'This is so familiar. I feel like I've been here before.'...And the backyard of it, which is so gorgeous, is where we built our cemetery...That was a nice flashback!"

While the rest of the series was shot elsewhere, the first episode of The Vampire Diaries was shot in Vancouver where the bulk of Riverdale filming still takes place.

Riverdale is currently in the midst of its second season, continuing on The CW in the US and on Netflix in the UK.