This Is The Exact Episode When Betty's Brother Chic Will Arrive On "Riverdale"

21 November 2017, 11:36 | Updated: 14 December 2017, 17:07

Betty Cooper Chic Cooper Riverdale
Picture: The CW / Lili Reinhart / Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

Chic Cooper will be arriving in Riverdale sooner than you think.

Raise your hands if you can't wait to meet Betty's long lost brother Chic in Riverdale. Same same same.

Here's what we know about Chic Cooper so far: Chic was put up for adoption by Alice Cooper shortly after he was born but later ended up being passed around the foster care system. He's never finished high school, he's been living on his own since he was 18 and he has never shared his past with anyone. He's older than Polly and Betty but only slightly.

And now, we know the exact date of his arrival in Riverdale... and it's sooner than you think.

What episode does Chic Cooper show up in?

Denton's first episode as Chic will be episode 10, in "Chapter 23: The Blackboard Jungle". The episode will air on January 17th 2018 and is the first episode back after the Christmas hiatus.

The mid-season premiere will feature the two towns merging after Mayor McCoy vows to shut the Southside down. In the promo trailer for the episode (above), Alice Cooper tells Betty that she wants to see her son and then she visits him in his apartment.

How many episodes will Chic Cooper be in?

Lili Reinhart and Hart Denton Riverdale
Picture: Lili Reinhart / Instagram

So far, Chic will be making an appearance in three episodes; episode ten, episode eleven and episode twelve.

The cast and crew are still filming the season and Hart Denton has been spending a lot of time on set - thanks to the tea spilled in Lili Reinhart's Instagram stories - so it's pretty safe to assume that he'll be featured a lot more in the second half of the season.

Will he be accepted into the Cooper family?


Lili Reinhart revealed to TV Line that Chic's arrival “definitely has a strong impact on the Cooper family.” She also spilled a few details that his sudden reappearance “causes some drastic changes in dynamics within the Cooper family itself.”

Chic's character description describes him as "tough, resourceful, rough around the edges, and distrustful of new people." By the sounds of things, his relationship with Hal Cooper - the one who didn't want to keep him - might be a little bit of a struggle.

Is Chic Cooper the Black Hood?


It's highly unlikely but some fans are suggesting that Chic is the Black Hood thanks to the recent drama surrounding Betty. The guy who keeps calling her on the phone said that he was doing it "for Betty," and they also know things about her childhood so it would make sense that it would be someone related to her. Maybe he's seeking revenge on the town that abandoned him all those years ago?

The storyline was seemingly wrapped up in the mid-season finale when Mr Svenson, the high school janitor was unmasked as the Black Hood but the storyline is far from over.

So there you have it. Mark your calendars. January 17th 2018. Chic Cooper is about to become your new Riverdale crush.