"RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3": Every Single Weave-Snatching Meme So Far

9 March 2018, 14:59

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 Memes
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Is she gonna jump from there? Because these memes will go DOWN in All Stars herstory.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 returned to our screens for another season of legacy lip-syncs, brutal elimination sabotage and gag-worthy death drops in January and the Twitterses and the Tumblrses have been gagging ever since. After just one episode, the memes started rolling in faster than Aja managed de-wig everyone in the audience - and they haven't stopped.

Here's a complete list of every single All Stars 3 meme that the internet has given us, so far. Hallelu.


When Milk uttered the now iconic words "Is she gonna jump from there?" about Aja's absolutely WIG SNATCHING death drop in the talent show... a meme was born thanks to Morgan McMichaels.






In fact, Aja's portion of the talent show was nothing less than ICONIC.





Somewhere across the dazzling waters of Darienne Lake, Miss Darienne herself is SEETHING.


Someone paused during Trixie's talent segment and ended up with the most iconic screenshot of all time.



Trixie's reaction to Bendelacreme's lip sync was too much.




Trixie in general was too much.


Will Morgan get her ruvenge? Or will Miss Anxiety and Dee Pression claim her once and for all?



Um, literally NO ONE agreed on how to eliminate when it came down to it. 


Thorgy's reaction to being eliminated will go down in herstory. 



Thorgy and Kennedy, your looks on the runway were... anime-zing. 


Even Thorgy's attempt to form an alliance has been memeorialised.




Milk's tantrum after safely sailing through to next week was meme-worthy.




Trixie's weave from week three had people gagging.



Life really does come at you fast. 


Shangela, your runway look was... corny... but in the name of Te Fiti, you are safe.



The time has come! For you to lipsync! Against Bendelacreme! 



Shangela has everyone clockedT.


And when she faked our Trixie in the elimination? WIGS WERE LOST. 


Speaking of Trixie...


Justice for 

Great memes. Incredible memes but where were you when DeLa made the most shocking elimination choice in Drag Race herstory?






BenDeLaChrist really did THAT.


How we all felt after Aja was denied her spot back in the race after DeLa's elimination:


Anyone ever noticed how... 



The world of drag has truly HAD it with Shangela's Game of Thrones references.



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