Asia's Lip Sync FAIL On 'Drag Race' Has Become The Meme Of The Century

29 June 2018, 11:48

Asia O'Hara Drag Race Final Lip Sync Butterflies
Picture: VH1/Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

Asia O'Hara's butterfly stunt in the season 10 finale went horribly wrong... so everyone decided to meme it.

Roxxxy Andrews' double wig reveal. Sasha Velour's iconic rose petals. Shangela's (ever so sliiiiightly controversial) fat suit. The days of a simple lip sync in RuPaul's Drag Race are OVAH; the stakes have officially been raised and a spot in the Double Wig Hall of Fame awaits. The Lip Sync Ruveal™ has now become a main staple of Drag Race and as you can see, the finale of the tenth season was no exception...

All four Queens seemed to have received Sasha's memo from season nine and came through with their own sick'ning looks. Aquaria arrived on stage ready for battle in a tin foil Hershey's wrapper. Kameron hid her saucy number underneath a rich white lady's silk kimono dressing gown and Eureka wore everything she had left over in her suitcase.

But it was Asia O'Hara's big reveal that had everyone gagged - for all the wrong reasons. In fact, it was such an unfortunate flop that Asia herself has now apologised for what happened during the lip sync.

WARNING: There will be spoilers about the Drag Race finale episode beyond this point. Don't scroll down if you don't wanna know what happens, hennies. Ok? Ok.


Asia and Kameron were the first to go head to head in the lip sync. Janet Jackson's certified bop 'Nasty' kicked in on the speakers, Miss Michaels started doing her Lip Sync Assassin gig and then Asia's stunt started to go wroooong.

On her wrists and in two... fake boob cages (???)... on her chest, were butterflies that were meant to be released and fly away during the song. It was intended to be, as Asia said, "an amazing and safe display of optimism" but it didn't go as planned.

Every time Asia opened a compartment to release the butterflies, they didn't move. Some flew to the floor, some dropped and others just stayed put. Asia couldn't really throw herself around to save herself and in the end, she lost the lip sync. Basically, the whole thing went tits up and it cost her the crown.

Viewers absolutely LOST it and the moment itself has, of course, been turned into a savage meme.

Asia issued a "deep apology" after the episode had aired explaining what went wrong. She revealed that she had researched and rehearsed with professionals in the lead up to the lip sync. She also said that she has "been unhappy with herself since that night" but pledges to make it right in anyway she can, starting by pledging to donate over 100 hours of volunteer ASCPA, in support of the fair treatment of animals.

Asia, my dear, this is NOT what you deserved. We were rooting for you and we will STILL root for you. Now sashay into All Stars 4... and leave the butterflies at home.