"RuPaul's Drag Race": The 23 Best "Miss Vanjie" Memes

3 April 2018, 15:03 | Updated: 3 April 2018, 15:43

Miss Vanjie Drag Race Memes
Picture: Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

Miss Vanjie... Miss VANjie... MISSSSSSSS VANJIE!

We can all agree that RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 has already brought us some absolutely iconic moments. From Miz Cracker's" TIME FOR DINNER!" to Aquaria's Single White Female narrative, the first few episodes of the season have been everything. But there's one moment that has stood out as a toot amongst the boots and it's gonna down in Drag Race Herstory.

SPOILER ALERT: Vanessa Vanjie Mateo was the first queen to be eliminated this season but she made sure she made her mark before she left. As she exited the stage, she sashayed backwards uttering the iconic words "Miss Vanjie" and the internet hasn't looked back since. A meme has been born, and it's not going away.

In the 10 years that this show has been on air, this might be the most gagged RuPaul has ever been? Like, ever...

Cook County Clink is GAGGGGGING, right now.

Say it with emojis, kitty girl.

"Ooook, can you please spell Vanjie?? Hello?"

Beyoncé who?

Janet who?

He may have passed but his wisdom will live with us forever.

Two eliminations... and still no justice for Miss Vanjie... how come, RuPaul?

It's my mother tongue.

Jesy Nelson KNOWS.

The Candyman has absolutely nothing on Miss Vanjie.

This Read U Wrote U Remix is everything.

Someone call the police.

John Green's next movie adaptation is everything.

See you in court, Vanjie.


Time to log off.


Kitty Girl, it's your world. When you walk the street,
steppin' to the VANJIE.

It's impossible to stop.

She's gonna be a celebrity, that means somebody everyone knows.

Literally anyone who is not watching Drag Race right now:

No one tell Katy. Let her find out about this in her own time.

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