Drag Race's Farrah Moan calls out Trinity The Tuck for doing club shows in spite of pandemic

4 January 2021, 11:36 | Updated: 4 January 2021, 11:39

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By Sam Prance

Trinity The Tuck has since blocked her former RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars co-star on Twitter.

RuPaul's Drag Race queen Farrah Moan has slammed Trinity the Tuck for doing club shows amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday (Jan 4), Trinity the Tuck took to Twitter to defend her decision to keep doing live shows. She tweeted: "Unless you are going to pay my bills then I suggest stfu about me doing what I need to do to survive! I understand the situation of the world and unfortunately our government can't get their shit together to make it better faster."

Trinity then added: "My job is no different from a server or someone who works retail at a grocery store. Unfortunately it's a job that requires me to be in the proximity of people. What I can do is my best to follow guidelines and hold people around me accountable to do the same. I won't apologise for trying to survive."

Trinity has since deleted the tweets. However, before she did, Farrah Moan called her out for her actions and comments.

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Drag Race's Farrah Moan calls out Trinity The Tuck for doing club shows in spite of pandemic
Drag Race's Farrah Moan calls out Trinity The Tuck for doing club shows in spite of pandemic. Picture: VH1

In response to Trinity, Farrah wrote: "Being a nightlife entertainer is NOT an essential Job- none of us can pay our bills right now- it is so unimaginably selfish to put ppl’s health at risk for a gig when literally everyone’s trying to do their part and hospitals are starting to over fill but whatever lol".

Trinity replied: "That's your opinion vera. I don't know about you but I'm not going to let my house go into foreclosure. Something that I had worked very hard to get that I never had before. What I can do is follow guidelines as much as possible. We won't agree on this one sorry."

Farrah then clapped back: "I do love you sis but out of all the gals you’ve been pretty fortunate this year let’s not act like you needed this 1 gig to save your house. using our names to fill nightclubs right now when hospitals are over filled is NOT ethical &makes us no different than the circuit gays."

It didn't end there though. Trinity then blocked Farrah on Twitter and changed her profile name to Trinity the Block. She also took to Instagram stories to write: "When you are fed up with people you heventually have no more fucks to give. I have no patience in 2021. If you don't like me girl, bye. I ain't interested in your opinion or comments."

She continued: "if you're not positive I don't need, want nore desire you in my life or want you to follow me. i don't care about a follower count. What I do care about is the people who put out positive energy. So if you're supportive and kind, thank you and you are what matters in my life. i know many of you can relate. We are all at the edge."

After finding out she'd been blocked, Farrah tweeted: "I’m actually genuinely suprised- I tried to word everything as respectful as possible- literally I know people who are barely holding onto their lives right now in ICU’s and LA county has 0 beds available in the hospitals. This is the worst the pandemic has been since it began."

She also wrote: "Last thing: I am a nightlife entertainer too. I make all my money from live gigs. I have been hurting financially too. I want things to go back to normal too.. We have influence in this industry & things are BAD right now. Really bad. We have to do better and protect each other".

Farrah then left one last message to people sending Trinity hate. She tweeted: "Okay I’m back- this has blown up way too much and I genuinely feel bad for all the hate she is receiving. I completely disagree with her stance on many things but she’s a human being & I think she got the message loud and clear. Let’s give it a rest and leave her alone now."

What do you think? Was Farrah right to call Trinity out?