Drag Race's Gottmik addresses Nina Bo'nina Brown's transphobic comments

10 February 2021, 12:10

Gottmik's parents send emotional message on RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Remember that you aren’t defined by a few mean comments."

Gottmik has thanked her fans and RuPaul's Drag Race co-stars for their support after it was discovered that Season 9 contestant Nina Bo'nina Brown had been making transphobic comments about her.

Gottmik is Drag Race's first transmasculine contestant and she has been very open about her transition. On Friday night's episode (Feb 5), the runway theme was little black dress and Gottmik took it literally, walking the runway in a tiny black "merkin" dress and nipple pasties, which proudly showed her top surgery scars.

In a YouTube review of the episode, Nina Bo'nina made comments about Gottmik's body. "Of course Gottmik can wear this and still have curves… we know why," Nina said, before laughing.

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Gottmik thanks fans for support following Nina Bo'nina Brown's transphobic comments
Gottmik thanks fans for support following Nina Bo'nina Brown's transphobic comments. Picture: VH1, Nina Bo'nina Brown via YouTube

A viral thread showed another clip from a previous review, which saw Nina joking about the lyrics Gottmik wrote for her verse in 'ConDragulations'. The lyrics go: "Gottmik, was born a girl, baby. Was told that I can't do drag, knew I, had something to prove. Now, you're gonna lose." After a fan said that Gottmik's tuck was "always on point", Nina said: "You know he got a lot of stuff to tuck. In the words of Gottmik, Gottmik was born a girl."

The Drag Race community and a number of former stars quickly called out Nina's comments.

Nina hasn't apologised for her comments, in fact, she's kind of doubled down on them. In an Instagram comment, Nina clapped back at accusations of transphobia. One comment read: "Not saying I know why a certain person has curves is the definition of transphobic it’s laughable tbh they claim so many drag race girls to be transphobic even ru. Yet their quiet when actual black trans woman are found dead and actually harassed they say nothing but jump the minute they can to shout someone’s transphobic within the community.

"Just a bunch of white evil twinks out to cancel a black queen what’s new? As many times these people have read queens for having boy body now their mad cus i said someone has curves was i lying? At this rate if anyone goes against gotmik or says he isnt that great or u don’t like a runway you’re transphobic lol [sic]." Nina has now made her Instagram account private.

Gottmik Tweets
Gottmik Tweets. Picture: @gottmik via Twitter

On Tuesday (Feb 9), Gottmik addressed Nina's comments on Twitter and thanked fans for their support, writing: "Thank you to all of you for bringing so much light and love back into this situation and for all the [Drag Race] girls standing up and showing the trans community public support. It means so much to not only me but everyone else reading and effected by the negativity being thrown around."

She added: "Love you guys SO much and remember that you aren’t defined by a few mean comments."