Canada's Drag Race's Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman leaves Twitter after being "bullied" over critiques

25 August 2020, 15:43 | Updated: 25 August 2020, 16:04

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jeffrey was accused of "humiliating" Jimbo and Ilona Verley with his critique.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman has deleted his Twitter account after being inundated with hateful comments from Canada's Drag Race viewers.

Jeffrey, who is a judge on the series, came under fire for comments he made to contestants on the series.

The actor was accused of "body shaming" Ilona Verley during the Canadian Tuck-shedo runway, when he said: "I think that your mug is painted so gorgeously. However, when I see that booty and the little turnaround, a little full coverage foundation may have helped you out." Fellow judge Brooke Lynn Hytes also said Ilona should've "put some makeup on that ass".

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Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman deactivates Twitter after trolling
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman deactivates Twitter after trolling. Picture: BBC

In a video on Twitter, Brooke apologised and insisted she didn't mean to body shame Ilona. She said: "We have no problem with the size or shape of Ilona's bum, she has a beautiful, beautiful body and it was not meant in that way at all. You also can’t cover up cellulite with foundation, so yeah. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and I understand that you probably couldn’t see that on your TV, but that’s where our critique was coming from."

Jeffrey also caught some heat after he harshly criticised one of Jimbo's runway looks, calling it "turd city", which left Jimbo furious. Fans started turning on Jeffrey and called for his removal from the judging panel.

Following the backlash, Jeffrey left Twitter prompting Drag Race UK alum Crystal, who guest starred on the sixth episode of the series, to defend her, tweeting: "So the black queer judge on Canada’s Drag Race gets bullied off Twitter. Ya’ll happy?

"The main arguments I’ve seen are accusations of 'inauthenticity' (as if YOU know what’s authentic for him), and bad critiques (but none of the other judges are getting that half as hard). It’s a pile on. And it’s racist. And for what? Clout? Bet you would have loved a good old fashioned public stoning.

"Honestly – search his name and just look at the endless endless nasty tweets. It’s so depressing. Are you contributing to this? Wild idea, but maybe put that energy into someone who’s actually done something… bad?"

Crystal Tweets
Crystal Tweets. Picture: @crystalwillseeu via Twitter

This comes after Ilona also criticised Drag Race fans for their relentless trolling, revealing that she was actually hospitalised after attempting to take her own life following episode four.

On Twitter, she said: "If I see any hate towards @ritabagaz on my feed I’m going to personally spend the time to tear your damn head off. I’ve tried to be cute and shit but I’m sick of letting these people get away with BULLYING the DOLLS.

"Idk if this is too real for y’all but after episode 4 I actually ended up in the hospital with a suicide attempt from all the fucking hate I was getting. I can only imagine what Rita’s going through. What are you guys gonna do when you end up killing one of us?"

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